Thought The Cops Were At The Door..cut Down Every Plant/no Cops Were There

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by jay dep, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. SO i heard this banging on the door I thought for sure it was the cops... nobody should be pounding on the door in that fashion... It went on for a half hour I soon decided to grab a hack saw and cut down yet another grow..... Dude I have had a rough life guys... Everytime I get close to 6 or 7 grand harvest It goes in vein... Any advice... should I give up.. I mean I have exceptional skill... Look at these pics 

    I dont know what to do.. I am surrounded by assholes that think mj ruined my life when really it was the only hope I ever had at making a buck in the city I live....  I dont know what to do with my life... My SETUP KICKS ASS... 2 brand new LEDS (THAT PRODUCE MEGA BUDS F WHAT YOUVE BEEN HEARING) in combination with an hps.. custom air tight light proof tents perfect temps AND PERFECT NUTRIENT TEA!!! PERFECT EVERYTHING AND I RUINED IT.. I EVEN LOST THE STRAIN... IM SUCH A DUMMY... I WONT EVER BE ABLE TO GET A STRAIN LIKE THAT OR A SHOT LIKE THAT AGAIN..

  2. notsure why you would cut them down .unless you can get rid of the evidence ie: cut down plants .if it was the cops you would still be screwed !! don't think the cops will Knock for 30 min if they figure you are growing it would be bang bang "Police and then your door would be off of the hinges and flash bangs would be going off .--- Erb
  3. you need to lay off the bath salt.......most cops will take rootballs stems and anything else and weigh it as your dry med weight.....cheaters gotta make themselves look good somehow.
  4. You never go full retard.
  5. May be you can still plant what is left and it will grow like clones do...
  6. Get a door with a peep hole, that sucks man
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    wow, this thread, u scared to check the peephole or somthing?
    if your THAT scared to got to prison then i dont think growing MJ is gunna be your thing brotha....
    as the old saying goes " Dont to the crime if ya cnt do the time"
  8. Why do people feel the need to lie on here so much.
  9. Spanky is funny hahaha
  10. that face palm picture had me dying thats exactly what i was doing lmao

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  11. I think u need a script/card. Either that or move somewhere that you can go about ur business and not be bothered.

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  12. Story Up
  13. I like how you say your leds kick combo with good stuff
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