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    question.... imhighdoe
    facial expressions play a pivotal role in the way peoples faces look. doctors give them soooome credit in it for soooome things, but not enough. things that would easily be considered "inherited" could just be the result of habits or reactions to things that both the mother and child got into. Or maybe that habit, lets sayyy... walking around with a small smile all the time, could have actually been inherited, but the doctor just thinks that the reaction of the habit, chubby cheeks, is what is being inherited. which is true, but liiiike indirectly. i say chubby cheeks because if youve got a tight face, or just not chubby, liiike a snug face, then when you smile youre sorta like stretching your face into the shape you smile in. at the same time youre building more cheek muscle. either of which, the stretching or building of muscle, could cause chubby cheeks.

    Explaining a few hours later.
    random thing- acne
    If you met a kid at school who had acne all the time, he might say that his dad used to have acne when he was younger too.
    His assumption would be that he was born with some predisposition to acne.
    My question is, couldn't the acne be the result of a very different predisposition?
    liiike, say, maybe both the son and father sleep on their stomach, with their face rubbing each side against the pillow. the oil from their hair might be bad for their face, causing the acne, not a gene or trait that the father passed down for bad acne.
    I think that makes sense.

    And it could be even deeper than that.
    The son may have been born with a certain shaped spinal cord, or something, that he got from his dads side. Say, all the men from that side of the family sleep on their stomach because it is uncomfortable for their spine to sleep on their back.
    Now you would have inherited a trait, that caused a habit, that was bad for your skin, which resulted in acne! See how much deeper the cause of things could be?

    And then, say some guy stands up and says that he has spine problems that cause him to sleep on his stomach, rubbing his naturally oily hair against his pillowcase every night, but he DOESNT have acne. Maybe he just washed his sheets more often than the family with acne. I mean, people normally learn how to do things like laundry from their parents. So if your parents washed your sheets every 2 weeks growing up, and you grow up to wash your kids sheets every 2 weeks, and both you and your son have acne, a simple solution could be washing your sheets every week.

    Just realized that none of the "not high explanation" had to do with facial expressions. acne was so much more random than it was supposed to be..

    AND I really wish i... uhmm... implemented (!) more emoticons into my threads... (because i start so many...)
  2. I think there are several different types of acnes.

    One kind of acne is the kind that comes from impurities that has been sitting on your face for long period of time.

    Like hair gels.

    If you use hair gels, or hair mouse, or any other variant of hair do products, and if your front hair is long enough to touch your facial skin, then it is very likely that you will develope acne on your forehead, or wherever the hair touched your face.


    Another kind of acne is the kind of acne that comes from dirty baseball cap.

    You get acnes right around the area where the cap touched your forehead.


    And then there's the kind of acne that grows out of nowhere... on your cheeks... on your nose... these are the inherited acnes that have their roots in your DNA.


    This reminds me of my old highschool buddy, who's nickname was 'moonface'.

    He was called that because he had so many pimples.

    His pimples always reminded me of volcanoes. Both active and inactive.

    At any given time, he would have at least a couple of pimples growing on his face.

    And there was a huge one that was fully ripe growing on his cheek.

    Over lunch, guys were talking about this and that... and one guy made a silly joke, which was really really funny, and everyone laughed out loud.

    My friend 'Moonface' found it particularly funny, and he laughed the hardest.

    Until suddenly the pimple on his cheek exploded out of nowhere.

    True story.

    The guy was laughing hard and suddenly his zip pops, spewing yellow goo all over...

    Gross... yet funny as hell...
  3. Wow, thanks for the reply! I wasnt expecting anyone to put that much time into a post haha. I guess my only real point in posting all that was to point out the huuuuge range of things that could cause the kind of acne resulting from impurities.
    and funny story man! ive witnessed something similar hahaha nastyy
  4. Yeah its not exactly clear how much of our lives is chosen and how much is predetermined. Nature vs nurture and free choice and all that crap. As far as having a disposition to sleeping on your stomach goes... I doubt it lol. But I get what you're driving at though, interesting stuff man :bongin:

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