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  1. weve stopped it. we can evolve no farther. evolution is based on the premise that the strong survive and the weak die allowing those that are strong to flurish and continue the strong lineage.... but as humans weve developed a society. in this society we allow all to live, even the weak. but if the weak dont die then theyre still in our genepool not allowing us to progress...

    FUCK! ive lost my train ofthought... but i guess thats enough to get the main point across.

    (im not saying we need a mass genocide or anything...its just a thought)
  2. this is not entirely so.

    it will come with time.

    and the goalposts have been moved.

    just how do we define "weak" and "strong" these days?

    purely physical ability? nah, i think we threw out that measuring tape a long time ago.

    purely genetics? well, we've been shooting ourselves in the foot for the past 100 years or so on that one. it can be said that never has humanity (particularly where medical drugs are commonplace) been in such poor condition.
    we can get past this with genetically engineering the next generation to remove the flaws, to increase the "natural" imunities to things like AIDS, Small Pox, MRMA, etc etc, but this does throw up many ethical dilemas. Its effectively the whole Eugenics argument. main argument i like to see here is, "just how do we determin what to scrap and what to keep", for example, how do we know that the next fertilized egg cell we discard wasnt to grow up to be the Nobel prize winner who finds a cure to all disease and brings about an end to world pollution etc etc. or even simpler taking it back a step (or forward a step depending on your point of view), "How do we decide who gets to decide?"

    Intelectually? ............. yeah, we be fucked here. the stupid outbreed the brainy.
    our tech and ability forever improves, building upon previous accomplishments, yet the brains to comprehend such ever increasing power is diminishing in our accelerating fast paced consumer lunacy authoritarian society.

    something needs to be done about that and fast, for the very next generation, imo. i am in agreement with Proffessor Stephen Hawking in that we really need to be making ourselves smarter.
  3. Go Digit...

    Actually, if you look at the human mind, we're clearly evolving. You must remember that evolution happens over many generations. You yourself would NEVER be able to detect any change.

    Still...there are some signs that pioint to evolutionary development related to technological progress. One example:

    There's a new "disorder" shown at many individuals (especially men!). Disorders are usually the start of a new evolutionary strain. This "disorders" are emotional coldnes and detachment. They can be seen as a disorder, a disease. But they must also be viewed as a kind of adaption to the modern world where media bombard us with tragedies and disorder.
  4. Why do you think people are becoming bald? Evolution occurs when the environment controls the species. But now we control the environment (shelter). Why do humans need hair to keep us warm? We have jackets to do that.
  5. So why do we have pubes? Do you leave yer pants open? Don't need protection down there 'cause the pubes keep ya warm?

    I think you misunderstand. Going bald is an aging problem. I still haven't heard that that is a new problem affecting all people from birth

  6. Going bald is not an aging problem. I know plenty of people under 40 with balding problems.

    Somewhere along the line, evolution must have thought that we needed hair in the places we do for a reason (warmth?). Now that we don't get warmth from the environment and we get it from our homes, we don't need it anymore. It's been like this for at least two thousand years.

    Survival of the fittest means that some of whatever is evolving will evolve in different ways. Why do some people have black/brown skin? To protect from dangerous rays in whatever environment the homosapians are in. Not everyone will go bald, but some people will. We don't need hair anymore, it has no purpose for our survival.

    And to show that evolution can be random, why do some people have red hair? What's the purpose? Or freckles? Or blond hair? Mutations in genetics and evolution go hand in hand.
  7. So answer me question. Why do we have pubic hair. Actually, to work properly, our crotch should be held cool. Not warm. That's why yer balls are on the outside of yer body.

    Well...originally man had dark skin. We do asume Homo Sapiens came from Africa and migrated north. The problem was, there wasn't so much sun up north. And less sun meant less vitamin A. THAT'S why we developped white skin. White skin absorbes vitamin A much better than dark skin.

    That's where you're right. Evolution and mutations are mainly coincidental. Or maybe brought on by disorder or abnormalities. THEN abnormalities may prove themselves better than the original.

  8. Remember, the genital area isn't solely used for sex. Maybe because of the reason that it is periodically held cool, evolution may have kept hair there. I'm no evolutionist, but it must have had a purpose if everyone has it.

    Right, but dark skin also contains nutrients to prevent sunburn from harmful sun rays (which is why brown skin gets significantly less sunburnt).
  9. should. Otherwise african countries would have to spend their whole national budget on sunscreen haha
  10. I believe we are constantly evolving. not from one species to another over millions of years, I mean from generation to Generation. Our minds have evolved so much from our parents that what they may see as atrocities in the world we see as normal.So humor me for a second. On the theory that the strong will survive who is to say its physically strong? Lets say the mentally strong will survive. We could very well be the next evolution of humanity. As we reach new plateau's in technology we could very well become a higher being.
  11. Neither, nor...

    It's "survival if the FITTEST" which means those who fit best into the environment. The clue for today is ADAPTATION
  12. you know I read somwhere on this site that the mail chromosome is degrading...I mentioned somthing like this to somone at my work she's about 70ish..I guess...she mentioned the pills sold over tv like viagra and all those other ones ..I forgot the names.....she said back in her day men had no problem with that sort of I guess my question or point or whatever this rambling is getting to is what if we are not evolving for the better,,
  13. i like reading all this stuff :)

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