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thought of this recently

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hilltop, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. People are always trying to get rid of the smell in their houses, so what if you drilled a hole in an ozium and a febreeze bottle and emptied all the liquid into a soda bottle or something like that. Then you put a hole in the bottom of that bottle and attach a tube. Then when you want to get rid of the smell, you could take a hit, remove the cap from the bottle, and blow into the tube. I figure that the ozium and febreeze liquids would filter out the smells, without the smoke hitting anything in your house. Thoughts?
  2. Lol. If you puncture the ozium bottle it would all spray out. That'd why there's a sign that says do not puncture.
  3. Oh lol i didnt know that. Is it possible to get the liquid out?
  4. Or just use activated carbon.
  5. Sounds like an elaborate spoof.

    Take the card board paper roll from the toilet paper roll, stick a q tip or pen through the very end. Stuff the tube with 3-4 dryer sheets and blow your hits through that. Much safer than puncturing a can of volatile liquids that are under a ton of pressure ( bomb?) Works like a charm
  6. Unless you want to spend a while just spraying it into a dish.

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