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Thought of a hiding spot for jeans

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by prettyslick, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Just thought of maybe putting a small pocket on the inside of my pants at the bottom close to my shoe. I was thinking to put it straight and close to the bottom as possible, and chances are if a cop patted me down he would not pat the very front bottom! Obviously it wouldn't hold much, but enough for a good smoking sesh. I have no clue if this is an original idea or not. Just thought I'd write it down somewhere useful.
  2. I would deal with a similar issue when sneaking out of my house as a kid.
    1) Wear tight underwear and stick it in there.
    2) Where large jeans and sort of fold over the top of the jeans and put the piece in there if its small enough - usually not.
    3) Create a hidden compartment in a jacket. Usually in the hood, make a small cut in a part where there are two layers and you can put all kinds of stuff. Unfortunately they'll probably feel a piece if you do this.

    I think your best bet is in your underwear.
  3. dickpocket imo :smoke:
  4. In all seriousness though I'll probably never need it. I have never been pulled over, and quite frankly I think I drive much more safely than most drivers... I guess that's not even saying much. So I guess my point is I don't think I'll ever have a reason to make a cop search me, I drive perfectly fine high. My dad warned me thought that if cops somehow find out about a dealer, they see you coming from there house and pull you over for a bullshit reason and try searching you. He's probably spouting out worst case scenario. He used to be a stoner, now he's a hardcore republican. I'm gonna stop rambling now.
  5. Where tighty whities under your boxers and stick it in your underwear. Good high thought to make a hiding spot in your jeans.. but it's not practical.
  6. When I need to be stealth I just wear long socks and put em in there

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