Thought id share my plants...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by enorty, Aug 31, 2008.

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    Here they are, ive got 3 females. only 2 are worthy of pictures :) haha nah the 3rd ones alright but its alot smaller.





    Heres what im smokin on right now..

    that motha fuckin stress weed,

    shits givin me headaches

    thats all I got for now... flowering just started 1 week ago, progressing slowly because i think they are mostly sativa... ill keep everyone updated tho...:hello: :wave:
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    Any plant is worth mentioning, nd you did!Just hope for the best

    Here is some of my garden. Tallest, over nine feet, is Mandala Safari mix. All are actually I guess. It's a White Satin/Kalickukra cross, mostly Sativa, thus the height, except for the Shiva and Trainwreck, not shown.. I take it back, Shiva is lighter colored and lower plant in foreground, by the Sunflower

    Anyway, read books and gather information for your next grow, and you will be rewarded,
    as I hope to be in 6 weeks or so. I figure flowering began on about Aug. 5th here in Northern Oregon

    Click on pic, then click again to enlarge with this viewer

    Good job and good luck next grow.


    Auguest28th 012.jpg .
  3. holy shit man! that is impressive!

    I try and read as much as I can, always trying to learn more, im actually enrolled in a horticulture course currently.

    next years grow will be amazing compared to this.,, ill actually have my own place to grow aswell, luckily my mother is cool enough to let me grow a few :) :hello:
  4. not to be rude by any means but they look a little sparse. are you feeding them good nutes? i hope they fill out durring budding for you. good luck.:smoke:

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