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Thought I was sneaky, finally got caught.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bearface123, Jan 26, 2010.

  1. So I'm 19, been smoking sense I was 15 and I'm living with my parents because they live right by the college. Anyways this is my last year with them, and I've been smoking in my room and in my backyard for nearly 4 years without them knowing. Last night I went outside to "get something out of the car" and smoked a joint on the side of the house. I thought my mom was sleeping, so I thought creeping back in and going to my room would be easy, but what I didn't know was that she'd be greeting me at the door. I don't know what the fuck I said to her, all I know is that she probably smelt the smoke on my clothes.

    Anyways, the next day I was about ready to head over to a friends house for some puff puff and band practice. I was rolling a joint in my room with the door locked and the window open, when I get a knock on my door. I hide everything as quick as possible and my mom says "Don't lie to me anymore, I'm sick of it". Basically we had a looong talk about how she doesn't want me doing it, but that I'm old enough to make my own decisions. She didn't threaten to kick me out or tell my dad or anything! all I know is that I'm not fucked.

    Anyways, I guess the moral of the story is even if you think you're really sneaky, you can still get caught if you fuck up once. So all you noob smokers be careful, especially if your housing is at risk!

    tl:dr thought I was sneaky as hell, got caught by my mom, everything turned out better than expected :p don't get caught!

  2. To be honest, This sounds like something that happened to me when i was 15. You positive your19 or did you get that 9 confused with a 6? lol
  3. If you think you are not going to get caught you will. If you have the mentality (sp?) that you are not going to get caught you will. Always be cautious
  4. its just a faze in life, you'll get over it
  5. Dude I feel ya, I lived at home longer than 19 years finishing my bachelors. I got caught a few times and went through the same thing. Its crazy you only let your guard down once and they got ya!
  6. Okay? What are you trying to say?

  7. what did you plan to accomplish by posting this? whats up with the underage police on this forum? he said he's 19, leave it at that

  8. Word. Some people on this forum act like as soon as a person hits 18 they move out of their parents house for good.

  9. I know right. Any asshole can move out and work as a line cook and split an apartment with someone else, THAT IS NOT ANY SORT OF ACCOMPLISHMENT!

  10. Hmm... Im going to guess you're the one who is underage here posting something rude for no reason.

    To the OP, Well thats good you didn't get kicked out or anything haha.
  11. dude, she's probably known for a long ass time now. judging from your post, your methods aren't really that sneaky. she probably just got tired of playing the "whos gonna talk first" game and gave in.

    good thing you're not in trouble though. i wouldve denied everything if she approached me like that..
  12. ^^nobody likes people like you

    dude, she's probably known for a long time now. judging from your post, your methods aren't really that sneaky. she probably just got tired of playing the "whos gonna talk first" game and gave in.

    good thing you're not in trouble though. i wouldve denied everything if she approached me like that..
  13. Nah I'm not underage, who cares anyways? lol. And she may have known for a lot longer, but I'm going to make sure to not do it at my place anymore, just in case. It's nice not having to pay rent and just work, smoke, go to school and enjoy life :p
  14. You thought you were sneaky using joints? tsk tsk man everybody knows that is the stinkiest shit you could possibly do, unless you just straight blow the smoke on yourself. Good thing your story didnt end up as drastic as some peoples though.
  15. on a different note, sometimes being too sneaky will get you caught.
    my brother was a sneaky one in high school, and it only made my parents more suspicious of him.
  16. Yeah man, toking with joints is a very bad idea for sneakyness.

    I don't see what the problem is, just man up and let them know how it is. My parents have known I've toked on a fairly regular basis since I was 17. I was pretty sneeky, used a bowl, always covered the bowl, only smoked it in my room, blowing the smoke outside the window. Eventually I left too many stems, seeds and paraphernalia out and they figured it out. Its not a problem and they pretty much expect it by now.
  17. When my ma caught me she was tight about it.
    She told me that "She can't stop me from doing weed, if I'm gonna do it, that's my decision." She just didn't want me doing it on a day-to-day basis.
  18. This.

    Sadly, parents are generally smarter than we give them credit for. I'm not trying to be offensive here or anything, but do you really think smoking joints night after night for five years that she's never noticed?

    If your blazing at home, parents always find out eventually.
  19. Yes you are lucky. My parents caught me, without any weed!! how the hell does that happen?? but ya a roof over your head, college, and reasonable mom, what more can you ask for? just dont smoke at your house like you said. good luck.

  20. Who are you to be the person who looks out for the person being the underage police? Whats your problem? I didnt flame him and i didnt make a big deal out of it, So why do you have to get on my case?

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