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Thought I was jipped

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bigjoshman, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. I thought I got ripped off by my dealer I payed $60 for weed and my dealer gave me what looked like a small amount of weed for $60 he told me to turn on the light in the car so he could show me it and he started explaining it telling me it's great shit. Well my girlfriend and i tried it and a small piece ended up filling the bowl so we did two bowls and we were done. WOW this is the strongest body high ive ever felt! Anyways have any of you felt jipped but been surprised before? ~excuse errors I'm walking on sunshine =O ~
  2. Put this in the wrong thing sorry guys I'm so messed up xD
  3. You got fucking fd in the A. Thats terrible. 2 FAT bowl packs isn't even a gram. Up here in Illinois we got shitty prices but damn you got fucked 
  4. Dude you probably paid for like what should've been not even $10. two bowl packs isnt even .5 you shouldve payed less than $10..
  5. did you get at least an 8th? 
  6. You were lol dude I can get like 2.2g's of oil and like 4gs of the best shit in my area for that
  7. He didn't smoke ALL his weed, he "tried" it. He still has more everybody...
    yea shit has alreayd happend before , I picked up a half zip shit looked like a q , I got back home felt a few nugs and was like wtf they were ROCK HARD , LIKE THEY DIDNT SQUISHY AT ALL when you pressed it between your fingers lmfao , I weighed it was 14.5 I was like wtf no way my scale must be broken , but it lasted me a while and was prob the best indica ive had all year ,
  9. yeah a friend bought a qtr and it was one bud that wasn't too impressive looking. ended up being 7.2 and really rocked your brain. Ground up to be a huge mound 
  10. #10 iTweaker, Jun 23, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 23, 2013
    what ive realized through numerous pickups is that most of the times the weed is fluffy and the orange hairs are just sticking out brightly and the weed is very light ,its always sativa and all those hard buds with short orange hairs and dense nugs are mostly indicas .
    but damn it sucks breaking up a big ass 7g nug ! I remember my first huge nug haha ,  I kept it on a wall for 3 days before smoking it
  11. My friend payed 100$ for 2G's the kid said he was gonna give him 3 more another time
  12. No guys lol sorry I was so fucked up we didn't use anywhere near all of what I bought hahahaha xD
  13. I was ripped off once buying an eighth for 60 bucks and when I was a Youngin I bought a nickel and it was just shake
  14. If you want us to see if you got jipped you're going to have to provide pics with size references, we can't help you if you don't even describe it. 
  15. My girl bought £15 worth of leaves from a tree once. It's her own fault for not looking at it before buying though, I guess.

    I've never been ripped off.
  16. after two bowls i'd be ripped as hell too..
    two hits then we're talkin
  17. is your friend a complete retard?
  18. Lol sounds like it.  5g's isn't worth $100 anyway - let alone 2 now and 3 later.
  19. Jumping to conclusions
  20. More than likely lol he probably still had more but just didnt include that much

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