thought i was fucked

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  1. a fellow smoker who i really don't hang out with says to me today, "hey man, my parents are out of town, if you want you can come over and we can smoke my 4 foot bong."


    on the way there my girlfriend had to stop and buy a pair of earrings for her graduation tomorrow. someone called and needed something. got that something ready while she was shopping, and she got in and we left to go.

    i'm at a stoplight, with one lane and a turn lane.

    i look to my right.

    cop in his car looking straight at me.

    i look back forward at red light.


    look back at cop, he motions to roll down window.:eek: pants wetting.

    he says, "do you have any headlights?"

    i slap those things on in a second.

    "sorry officer, have a good night" and he drove away.:hello:

    went to that kid's house and that 4 foot bong fucking destroyed me. 2 hits and i was gone. the first hit i only packed a small bowl. but the second one, i guess i got cocky, and packed it bigger.

    tried to take the whole thing, and looked like this:eek:. it knocked me on my ass, i was coughing my balls off, with the tears going and everything. but after all that was done, i was fucking stoned, and still am like an hour and a half after.

    he offered it to me for 50 but it's just to big to keep around. i would never smoke it.
  2. aw man, i hate close calls but i love getting away with them:D
  3. wait, a 4 foot bong for $50??? id take that in a sec
  4. for real. i would take it in a heartbeat

    i hate cops in general. even when i am doing nothing wrong, i still get super uneasy around them. Like walking in to IHOP at 4 in the morning with 3 friends and a cop is standing at the front desk, i guess to make sure no drunk or fucked up people mess around at the restaurant. I had a lump in my throat and i was sober, just the fact i was there at 4 am skectched me out that he might think wewere up to somen.

    good thing the cop didnt try ne thing
  5. if it's glass i'd take that deal this second
  6. i was really excited to smoke it.

    when we got there i saw it and was really disappointed.

    it looked like a normal bong on the bottom, then just had a 4 ft tube that was way to thick as the chamber.

    it's just way to much. it's got to be at least an inch and a half to two inches thick. i destroyed myself trying to clear the whole thing. i took all the air out and put my hand over it when the smoke just reached the top and took a huge breath out and tried to take the whole thing.

    fucked me up bad.

    first time i've literally been sat down by something.
  7. lol if its too big for your mouth, get a funnel lol. but i want to try something like a 4 foot bong. my bro has one at his house but i doubt he'd let me use it.
  8. no, the chamber isn't to big for my mouth, it's just to big around to clear, IMO. it was also ugly and very plain.
  9. as long as it works its good for me. but to each his own.
  10. omg i hate close encounters, but like you sed love getting away with them
  11. ill give you 100 tobuy it and clean it and ship it to me lol

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