thought i got caught but didnt

Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. whats up im new here my friend told me about the site yesterday.

    a week ago i rolled two blunts but left all the remains in a plastic modells bag in my room (cigar guts, razor, weed bag) lol. so the other day my mom cleaned my room and found it. I dont think she has a clue that it was weed though, because she told me to stop smoking tobacco lol. I learned my lesson.

  2. Maybe she did know it was weed and was just bein cool about it.
  3. Welcome to the City BTW!! :smoke:
  4. Sounds like luck was on your side. Welcome to the greenest City on the 'Net. Spark it up and have some fun!! :wave:
  5. i've had my share of close calls, my mum found super screens but didnt know what they were and she also found a used one and just thru it away lol
  6. wow... your one fuckink lucky little shit please for the love of your god chalk this one up to a learning experience and take care with what you leave around... youll be happier in the furture if you dont give your rents something like knowing your a pot head to stress about
  7. Tobacco isn't green.

  8. it's not? Oh, god, that means I've-Ive been smoking...


    OH NO! *runs screaming from the room*
  9. How are your parents so blind to the truth? how can they not tell what weed is i mean shit !. My parents found some of my stuff when i was younger and automatically knew what it was. Didnt your parents grow up in the hippie age? or atleast try weed b4.

  10. I can help you get off the wicked marijuana, friend. You just need to find your anti-drug. can help!

    And always remember kids, drugs = death.
  11. well if it was just cigar butts then the weed was burnt = black
  12. uh..hi. nah she jus found the guts, and empty weed bags. so i guess its possible that she didn't know about how weed is stored in little baggies. i dont know. but i also think she should kinda know, i mean what else do i have those little baggies for.

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