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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Adam G, Aug 3, 2002.

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    Perils of Cocaine Abuse
    23 Mars 81 p.s.U.

    Two recent political leaders allegedly had this nefarious habit.

    Both came to power after dubious elections, by non-electorial and irregular methods.

    Both nations immediately experienced attacks on famous public buildings.

    Both blamed an ethnic minority before forensics had any evidence.

    Both led \"witch-hunts\" against the accused minority.

    Both suspended civil liberties \"temporarily.\"

    Both put the citizenry under surveillance.

    Both maintained secret and clandestine governments.

    Both launched wars against most of the world.

    One had a funny mustache. Can you name the other one?
  2. kinda sad isnt it.
  3. It\'s more scary that Hitler and Bush are so alike.

    And complaining about on the internet is how I am helping :D

    heh, I\'m pathetic, but it\'s a start.

    I did a search and there is so many bush/nazi pages it\'s a little worrying.
  4. straight up from the begining of that i knew it was about Hitler and Bush, yeah it is sad, but i don\'t care in a few years bush will be gone and another asshole will take his place.
  5. yer but you gotta have an opinion- no point in saying- my opinion isn\'t going to help things. Have an opinion. It does change things- just voice it when it\'s appropriate and that\'s all it needs. It can change shit- even if it\'s just one thaught in one person\'s head to- this is right- to this is right but this is a good point too... and stuff...
  6. is a moustache typical dictator attire... we have saddam, hitler, i think castro has one- but the cubans seem to be happy so does that count?, hmmmm... I wonder...
  7. castro has outlasted 5 american presidents...

    i think he is a better leader than bush or blair :eek:
  8. blair isn\'t THAT bad. I mean he does seem a little ambivolent about his policies. Maybie a little weak at times... but to be honnest I would rather him than thatcher, major, hague or ian and duncan smith (THEY ARE TWO PEOPLE).

    Lib dems seem to be a decent party- but they\'ll never get in cos people will say \"What\'s the point if they aren\'t going to get in- we may as well do our best to stop the tories and vote labour.\"

    I would like to start my own party called the \"Not being a little dipshit.\" Party. Where MPs really aren\'t in it for the money, where people decide on policies that will benefit all people AND FUCKING STICK TO THEM INSTEAD OF UMMING AND AHING ABOUT EVERY LITTLE FUCKING DECISION AND JUST DO IT! Unlike the tory party you would have to have a small degree of sanity to get into the party. for example Anne widdicombe would be told straight off that she could jump off a cliff (as I wish she would).

  9. Switch ya are absolutely RIGHT! The election between Bush and Gore was SO CLOSE and I am sure many people who felt \"there\'s no point in voicing my opinion by voting\" are kicking themselves in the ass right now. Gore wasn\'t the best candidate, but he sure would have been better than Bush! We were watching the news the other day, and there was a segment of Bush getting off an airplane.. And his walk was SO CHOREOGRAPHED we couldn\'t help but burst out laughing out loud, and Phishhead pointed out the obvious \"Man, we have an ASS for a President. He even needs someone to TELL HIM HOW TO WALK!\"


    (I liked Gore particularly due to his focus on environmental issues while he was vice president. Pretty soon there will be no more beautiful places to visit in this country, and even world, if we keep it up!)

    so having an opinion is IMPORTANT. by the way, it IS sad how similar Bush and Hitler are, one major difference being Bush doesn\'t quite have the \"following\" Hitler does, at least I don\'t THINK. But then I live in California, land of the liberals so for all I know there are people who cheer and root everytime Dubya hits the screen?! I cringe @ the thought.
  10. Hitler had a 70% majority - about the same as Bush\'s approval rating now.

    \"bush\'s approval rating: 77%
    percent who feel he deserves a second term: 71%
    percent who feel he will run again in the next election: 54%\"

    Ken Livingstone is one of the mp\'s who\'d I\'d trust and find myself agreeing with. But the labour party kick him out. heh!

    I mean, only expressing my opinion on the internet. It\'s hard to find people with ideas in the law abiding and making a differnce takes to the WHOLE thing. I didn\'t mean, not to vote or whatever. But I find it hard to vote for any-one but green.

    Bush\'s admistration is the present king of propaganda. A bit like Hitler was. And how china was to tibet and still is.

  11. -Margaret Mead
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