Thought about halloween yet?

Discussion in 'General' started by holyrollers, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Have any of you thought about your halloween costume yet?

    After seeing the dark knight, I wanted to be the joker, but then again, everyone who saw the dark knight wants to be joker for halloween. I'm trying to find something that I can make myself that I won't see everyone portraying for halloween (Joker). I'm thinking of making a riddler costume..

    Has anyone started to make their costume yet, or do you just buy one? what are you going to be?
  2. ive been thinking about it, but in a different hopin my "grow" is ready to be "harvested" on hallomas... lol

    in other hoping for a boo baby!~:D
  3. You should be a ferret for halloween. :hello:
  4. lol..a REALLY fat preggo
    im usually a faerie or other woodland creature thingy..i got a few pairs of kick ass wings that werent a bit cheap...prolly shouldta even bought em for the little use they actually get since ive moved to the south..o well..they still kick ass
  5. haha last yr 1 of my buddies was a xanax bar, funniest shit i seen in a long time.
    too make things better he was all fucked up on like 5mg of xanax some brews and blunts, true to his name, he ended up passin' out and woke up the next day like "Wtf"
  6. I'm going to buy a very small child's costume. Probably a t-rex or something. :p
  7. i dont want october to ever come, i gotta fuckin go to court for my DUI and lose my license for a year, along with a buncha other bullshit
  8. [​IMG]

    I'm getting one of these. Had the extra millions for it so yeah.
  9. The mighty god of the internet, Anonymous, as usual.
  10. I'm going to be the Burger King.
  11. Not since I was 11
  12. skydog speakin the truth
  13. I haven't really thought about it.

    I might not dress up,
    'cause I'm saving my money for Halloween Horror Nights this year.

    Anyone else going?
  14. :rolleyes:

    Nothing is like the university costume parties.. day before, day of, and day after halloween. The one day of the year that people can act like a kid again.

    Hell, my dad still dresses up for halloween. Last year he went to a party as a "wet t-shirt contest winner". I might just steal his costume.
  15. a sexy something. isn't halloween the only day where girls can dress up like sluts? oh wait.. well.. in my book it is!
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  17. aaahahahah! that shit cracks me up dude

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