Though tonight was gon be a bust...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 26, 2006.

  1. But im gettin drunk.

    I bought a fifth today was supposed to be for tommrow. I got money on a bag for tommrow, Was gon get it today but outta 5 of my reg hookups 2 of them in florida, one of them in mexico, one of them uprnorth and another is out. When i got to adult ed everybody done sold out.

    So i got like .2-.3 worth of some skunk left. Thas it tho. I got the fifth but i want to save some for tommrow i hope.

    Im stressed fer real. Then realized i had almost no herb and thought i wasnt gon be able to drink. I was stressin. Cuz tommrow i gotta go do a interview thing to be let back in adult ed ebcause i fucked up. Not lookin forward to it.

    So i made some loot real quick and now im chillin drinkin and watin to get a good buzz then smoke.

    So tonights gon be straight, Even tho im stressed. Aient been drunk since like monday, Shits killin me.

    Hows yall nights?
  2. My night started out alright, I skated untill about 8 then I drove hom. Just as I was pulling into my courtyard my ti-rod snapped off and my wheel almost turned sideways. Luckily I was 40 feet from my house.
    Now I cant pick up tonight.

  3. That sucks bro.

    I jus got some more herb, Not much but better then where i was at. Now im smokin n drankin and sweatin my ass off. Its fucking humid as hell.
  4. You can tell ima balla, When im in the '64 impala, The big rims leave ya mouth wide, While i ride through the southside, Crusin down the street in my six four, Roll up a sweet and fire the indo, Let the herb blaze and roll down the window.... You can tell im paper stackin, When you see my ol school chevy caprice classic, Plus i got the speakers bangin ya gon need to bring some aspirin... This how we do it in D-Town, Ridin lincolns as long as a greyhound...

    Anyways, Im feelin good. Feelin the booze, Slammed some whiskey and smoked a bowl and feelin good. Bumpin that Short Dawg.
  5. i got 2 gs of dank
  6. Im fuckin drunk.

    Drank like half the fifth in like 45 minutes, Drank a brew and on my second. I got my hands on some brews from my bro. Threw him some money and got some brews. Im gettin sloshed as fuck. Ima be hungover tommrow morning when i got adult ed, Then a interview.

    I feel like gettin routy, I dont like it.

    I wanna get outta here and jus bang some heads.

    Fuckin fake ass 734 Mafia stabbed my homie's homie to death. Im ready to get bout it bout it. Show these fake ass wyandotte boys what the bangins bout. I know fools who will tie them up in they basements and have fun with them before they kill them. Wanna fuck with us...

    Fcuk im drunk and routy.
  7. thats not good KSR...stay insiide..dont go upstate again *****
  8. Yo just spark up an L and relax man...

    What liqour you drinkin tonight?
  9. please say bourbon.
  10. Alcohol shots going often, On they block stalkin, Puttin a ***** in his coffin, Bustin out with the crip walkin...

    I dont know whats gon down. Theres peoples ridin dirtay right now. Fuck some wyandotte 734 Mafia bitchs. If you aient clamin Detroit, Rouge, Ecrose, Or Crack Ridge i dont wanna hear from you bout bangin in my area. You aient know what you talkin bout. Wyandottes the burbs, Off a lake, Small city, Mainley old people and preppy kids. Got the 734 Mafia, Downriver White Boyz, And another gang i cant remeber down there. Some dumb shit. Thinkin they hard n shit.

    Gon come at my mans and stab him to death. Askin for it...

    Im fuckin drunk as can be. I was gon quit and go to bed. I kept going, Kept smokin. Im gettin buck, Fuck.

    I dont know, I might head out to the dotte where these fake fools lay.

    Shit pisses me off when they kill one of mine when they aient shit but preps from the burbs.
  11. are you in a gang ksr? ive always been currious about gangs...being from a stuck up snobby all white area i really know nothing. Kinda wish i was brought up somewhere a little different because ill admit it... ive been sheltered by the rents most of my life and its gunna be different after colleage when i get into the real world...
  12. I don't think he would tell you if he was. :smoking:
  13. +Rep.

    Got a good man right here.

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