Though changing 12/12 to 13/11 (60% flowered)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by toilofday, May 16, 2010.

  1. As the title says I want to add an hour to my flowering schedule. I'm only using a 250, and frankly, I want some more results and can't add any more lights.

    i'm at week 6.5 out of 11

    Can I do this without getting hermies? The strain is probably not all that stable. It's a first generation hybrid of satori mandala and super crystal. Some are looking AWESOME, others and hurting a little for volume.

    a few are definitely getting re veg'ed for pollination, but yeah..... can I do that?:smoking:
  2. Its not worth the risk leave it at 12/12... can you add some CFL's not much more heat and could help you out
  3. I could if my ballasts can support running a few bulbs short. I just posted about that in new thread however.:eek:

    Do you know?
  4. i would agree with this totally, & especially as you said the strain may not even be stable, but there are many other methods you can try for incresing yeild with stressing your plants, like mentioned adding a few CFL's is a great 1, could just use few desk lamps with CFL's in, but also have you looked into flowering nutes, or more so bloom boosters, or molases etc??
  5. yeah, i've got all that stuff. hormex, tiger bloom, final flush with glycerin, superthrive, etc..

    if I had money i'd do the solar panel thing. lol
  6. I went 13/11 for 10 days. I was running 12/12 but had to change due to my work schedule changeing for 10 days. So I had a NEED to change it. Actually jcj is the one who suggested it to me. My work schedule is now back to normal and so I just switched back to 12/12 a couple of days ago. I have read in numerous places where some will start of 12/12, then go 13/11 for a couple of weeks, and then back to 12/12 through harvest. Reason bieng from what I understand is to increase yeild a little more. But I am not suggesting or telling you to or that it's alright. It very well could depend on the strain. And if you have an unstable strain as it is, you may well be taking a big chance. I'm growing WW and I also read that WW is good for 11/13, 12/12, and 13/11. Anyway take it for what it's worth.

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