Those who believe shootings are on the rise read this

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  1. Your absolutely right. Im not saying gun violence is inexcusable, but the media has been sensationalizing it lately in light of proposed gun laws.

    I think its sick that the government would actually controll the publicity of gun violence for there own gain. This country will go down the tubes the second its populace is unarmed.
  2. It's just a cold world we live in.

  3. That's true but it's also a warm world with lots of love and beauty we just remember the bad more there's a saying I've heard one bad deed overshadows 10 good ones
  4. ya see.. most the things on that list pre 1900's are like.. oh my teacher punished me so i killed him.. or like a wife killing a husband and maybe a kid.

    Not guys walking into schools and shooting everything they see moving.

    I love my guns though and if i ever need to fight a greater power (i.e the govt) ill have the ability to atleast defend myself.

  5. That's the truth
  6. great link to share OP, + rep
  7. I want to respond and see this article. Subbed
  8. Its because the media wants us to feel afraid , so they are putting all this attention on shootings as well as staging them to take our guns.(protection)
  9. That was an interesting read, glad we aren't getting worse.
    There are just more of us, therefore more opportunity for fucked up shit to go down.

    Post #4 sums it up the best IMO. Loook at the bright sideee yos.
  10. Fucked up man.
  11. Not to mention the government could possibly be hiring "crisis actors" to perpetuate these killings in order to revamp gun laws.

    just saying. :cool:
  12. All I know is people won't sacrifice their freedom to own guns so this will never stop. I wouldn't want that anyways...I don't even use guns but I still want people to have them. It's their right just a couple rotten eggs ruining it for everyone else.

  13. People have been saying that since columbine it's not going to happen you know how incredibly hard it is to change the us constitution
  14. The media is what makes it seem like shootings are on the rise. People shoot each other EVERY DAY. People kill people; not guns. You don't see people blaming the cars for drunk driving, do you?
  15. Yeah violence really isn't on the rise. Well, it is if you count the fact that our population numbers have grown so high.

    I had a history teacher who devoted a whole class to this topic. Throughout recorded history in pretty much every civilization mass murders, typical murders and acts of senseless violence all seem to have happened just as they do now.

    The problem is now the media reports on it in such a way as to make it seem to be a major epidemic of sorts. Just this morning I turned on the news, 4 news stories back to back of deaths in the counties surrounding me. Those were the first stories, before the weather and traffic reports and all that actually important stuff.

    Nothing has changed, just the method. I mean, in the 1800s (don't remember exactly) there was a girl I think who went into a families house and axe murdered them. That's brutal. Even grittier than a shooting mass murder if you ask me.
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    Not to insert myself into an issue that I don't know a lot about, legally or culturally...

    But the USA has a problem that no single answer is going to solve. Blaming the media for blowing things out of proportion? I think that's absolutely ridiculous. The current system isn't working, but nobody wants seems to want things to change. Do you know how other countries lowered their gun violence rate? They got strict on the guns.

    News Article: Some Gun Statistics
  17. Its interesting how theres such a drastic increase past like 1930
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    If you were able to get a glimpse of the media here in US, I think your opinion would shift rather quickly.

    There is no way on Earth that American citizens will give up their right to bear arms. Our culture over here is massive on violence, and guns but also most of us don't trust our own government if we don't even allow us to protect ourselves.

    I don't own a gun, never even shot one actually..but I don't think you can reverse hundreds of years of freedom to own something that people use to protect or hunt or collect with.

    This country needs to reform it's mental health fields if anything. If health care was free nation wide and people could afford to seek help or help their family member, I think violent mass killings like this would go down.

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