Those who are high 24/7

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  1. How does it affect your dating like when the girl finds out that you are high the majority of the day? Does it scare off a majority of girls?

    Ultimately I don't care I would want a girl that is totally cool with smoking in the first place and just accepts me for who I am but this definitely has to be a deal breaker for a lot right?
  2. It's a lot easier dating a girl who is cool with you smoking, even smoking with you
    My x was a Colombian who was completely against anything drugs. She was fine and badass but, I had to hide smoking while I was with her
    My wife would smoke with me and I never had to deal with a girl telling me to quit smoking weed which makes the relationship and life a lot easier

    But try not to worry about "a girl"
    just take each one as it is, As she comes along and try and get the most out of whatever relationship you have with that person, enjoy life
    It's just that I would not marry a girl who will not smoke with you if you plan on continuing to smoke

    You can't be high all day if your girl is against you smoking....after a while hiding the fact that you smoke is going to wear you out
  3. I smoke for the vast majority of my time ( aside from work and sometimes classes), and I haven't ever come across a guy who smokes as often as I do, a lot of the time I think it deters them because of classic 'pothead' stereotypes, but hang in there.. I'm sure you'll find someone eventually.. If not, my advice is a waste of time, lol. 
  4. Depends on the girl really. Some will be cool with it, some will be completely against it, and everything in between.
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  6. I'm on probation but before that I was high all the girl didn't care that I smoked, but she didn't like that I was doing in all the time. She says that I revolve my life around weed, and wants me not to. I don't see the problem honestly because she knew I was a stoner when we started dating, and I'm not trying to change that about myself.
  7. As long as you handle your business like a boss they don't care how much you smoke
    To explain for non-boss's: Have a job and own your own place and don't act retarded.
  8. I find its best to not tell anyone. Just to see how it affects you through the eyes of others

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