Those unemployed blues

Discussion in 'General' started by Chill398, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. So ive been looking for a job lately and so far am having no luck at all. Ive heard that the summer job market is looking pretty bad this year but I have a feeling my pot-related misdomeaners are screwing me out of being hired. Anyways, is anyone else having trouble finding work this summer or just me? I suppose I could get a server job at one of the many resteraunts around here but I dont know how long my sanity could hold up serving people food with a big fake smile on my face for thier tips. (no offense servers :) )
  2. I hear you man. Finding a job is proving to be pretty hard. I had been working in a restaurant but that was making me crazy. I worked in restaurants for almost 6 years and never again will I go back. Fuck that.

    However, I quit that job because I was supposed to start a new one. Then the new one got put on hold and I haven't been able to start since. So that job is shot to shit.

    Still looking for a new one but shit is hard. I've been on a few interviews but nothing has turned up.

    It's kind of ruining my life.
  3. Yeah man, I haven't looked super intensly because of my summer classes I'm taking an I'm kind of busy, but its killing my weed fund. IE haven't had weed for around 3 weeks.

    Search craigslist or some labor jobs, they have decent pay and will get you in shape.
  4. Yea i hear your guys pain... You should really check out

    All you do is be a guide and you can make 6-9$ an hour!!! Theres a thread about it on here somewhere... i'll find it n a bit..

  5. I saw that. IMHO my time is better spent looking for a job where I'll make $15 - $20 an hour.
  6. Seriously blades, this whole job search thing has gotten me really down, I thought I was gonna be doing some pretty chill work with my martial arts place, but that turned out to kind of be a dud, and with my evenings blocked off for training, its a pain in the ass, so I dunno I might have to put that on hold for a while.

    Wishing the rest of you blades the best of luck though.

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