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    Hey all. What are some stories you have, specifically of friends or people who do stuff to make you freak when you're blazed? Those tricky bastards.

    1. My buddy and I are sitting by the train tracks near his house, smoked a few bowls, and feelin pretty blazed. So my friend just starts complaining about how he hates his shitty phone. All of the sudden, he just chucks it right off the bridge we were next to! It shatters on the ground. He is totally unphased and just sitting there like nothing happened. I'm like "WHAT the FUCK man that was your phone!" I was extra freaked cause I was texting about something really urgent on it.

    So after letting me do my "WTF" for like 5 minutes, He's just like "that was an old phone that I was getting rid of" and he pulls out his phone, perfectly intact. I was like :eek:

    2. Back when I first started smoking, me and some friends would walk a block down to one of those new age stores, with a little cafe. The guy that worked there toked and would give us free water. He knew every time we came that we were FUCKED. so he would start to do like REALLY weird stuff with his hands and just move in an all around freaky way. He made me trip HARD. of course this was all when my tolerance was like 0 so every high was amazing. anyway, he ended up sharing some haze with me one day, I actually passed out. If I could get that high again nowadays...
  2. I thought of another. I was in a class last year of lots of stoners. Most of us would smoke before the class, and talk openly during class about our current stash or tell stories. The teacher was kind of a dick but he heard us more often than not. On 420, sadly everyone but me came in totally faded (I didn't smoke til later that day.) So he starts making jokes about it, and saying "oh no I might call an administrator down here..." Wasn't funny for them, they were freaked. lol.
  3. Fuckin' bastards.

  4. Good for one thing and one thing only...

    Killing Nazis.


    Anyways...go for a nice 3 week tolerance break get ultra high again. Oh, and eat mangoes or drink mango juice. ^^

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