Those planning on surviving the zombie apocalypse

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  1. Go look for a tactical tomahawk/combat axe. They are sold as survival/camping equipment and if made well are more then enough to go about the task of hacking into the jugular or skull. (if we end up with the Romero zombies) They are also very easy to use without any practice. (although going at some coconuts and watermelons in your back yard is fun as hell) :D Good luck out there and don't get bitten!
  2. I'll have to keep this in mind.


    It's all about the Shaolin spade, sir.
  3. My army will come.. someday..

    But for real, I'll be investing in swords, not hatchets.
  4. Yes, yes i read the book too, but look at it. Its not very portable and looks like you'd need some practice to use it. If you haven't gotten one by the time all hell breaks lose this is what they look like.[​IMG]
  5. Going with the Dual Swords myself.

  6. I really wouldn't, but thats just me.
  7. You guys will be the first to die.
  8. Not if you pose as a decent human shield.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. you amateurs.

    an axe requires too much effort. when you are up against hoards of undead, you need to preserve your strength. do you think that if in 15 minutes there was a report of a massive zombie outbreak that you could legitimately wield an axe and continue to whip it around for more than 10 minutes straight, at these bodies that are after one thing, your brain?

    i highly doubt it. you will get tired and eventually succumb to being torn apart while still alive.

    plus there is the possibility that you whack the fucker int he head so hard that the business end of that axe gets lodged in its skull and you end up having some trouble getting it out and end up wasting more energy trying to do so. meanwhile the other zombies get ever closer to ripping you to shreds.

    but good luck with that
  11. man, a few days ago I saw this sweet tee shirt that said "In case of zombie attack follow me" or something like that, really wish I would've bought it, now I can't find it :(
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    Sorry i should have said hatchet. My bad. Furthermore I never said to go out and battle hordes of zombies, anyone trying this will die. You just want to survive not act like you're playing left 4 dead.
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    Enter the beauty of the Shaolin spade.

    I'm limited with firearms, and have quite some distance between me and the nearest town. If I were to fortify my current home and choose to remain there, I would definitely want the Shaolin spear at my side.
  14. You own one?
  15. I think I'll stick with the tried and true zombie removal tool.


  16. I don't have a pistol grip, but my 12 gauge and 1000rds of 00 buck I got stored are more than enough.

    But I got my m9 and SKS for back ups :D
  17. Whats that like 27 shells in the box and sitting out? I'm just saying that it was good to have with you. I never said its all you need.
  18. hatchet/ axe same fucking thing

    melee weapons are to be used as an absolute last resort, like when you know you are gonna get taken down but you want to go fighting.

    there is no getting out of an attack when you are face to face with the walking dead. maybe 2 or 3 can be taken down at a time if they get kinda close, but any more than that and you cant keep your eyes on them and i say again, melee weapons require too much energy to be able to take out a lot at a time and actually make a dent in their population

    and a spear aint gonna do shit. that takes 2 hands. meaning more energy spent.

  19. i think you did say that this is all you need.
  20. you sir, are a dream killer.

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