Those of you without jobs have any source of income?

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    I like many importunity can't find a job but don't let that get you down, theres always something out there for you if you have the ambition and a good head on your shoulders. I just recently went from zero income to 25$ a day - 250$ a week just messing around on the internet. I'm sure if people tried they could find something, as little as it may be.
  2. 25 bucks a day to do what on the internet?
  3. Look under the "Labor" section of craigslist.

    Grab a shovel and learn to work the land my friend.
  4. I am looking for a job, I may have one laying fences for $11/hr, but why not also earn easy money at home?

  5. nothing but concrete n assphalt as far as the eye can see here lol
  6. I don't get it?
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    Start selling stuff on e-bay. I havent been around the city much in the last 2 weeks cause I started selling on ebay. If you have any silver coins put them in 1 troy ounce weight and sell on e-bay. People are over paying for silver and its a sure fire win and its like insta cash!

    Ive got a nice size coin collection that was left to me when my uncle died back in 2007. I was never
    into collecting coins and they sat in my closet up till 2 weeks ago. After finally going through them. I started researching different coin values and also seperated all my silver. When I found out just how much silver I had..I almost shit my self!

    You dont have to be a "coin head" to make money off buying and selling silver. But some research on the net will help you out tremendously.

    Now that im getting into coins, Im really enjoying coin collecting and my new found business!

    Edit: You wont make much or if any at all buying silver on e-bay. But there is money to be made by selling it! The only way to make money off of buying on e-bay is to buy and sit on it till the value of what you baught exceeds the ounce price. I dont buy silver on e-bay. Just sell for now. You can also start going to flea markets and yard sales and buying other stuff and selling on e-bay too!

    I sold over 20 ounces of silver to a friend last week at a huge discount just to get started and still made over $700!

  8. I dont think white people are good at that kind of work lol
  9. Qué???
  10. Whenever I'm unemployed I just sell blood *shrug*
  11. I'm not too big on ebay, the only thing I really have of Value are things I use every day. Even when I have listed things I hated paying for it. I'll stick to my route as easy as it's, Though it's not illegal I'm not sure if I'd want to post it on GC.
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    Better than black people :confused_2: white people are a lot more accepting of dirty shoes


    No racism intended :eek:
  13. Geezz be prepared for the posts that follow lol. Mostly black people on here because all of them smoke weed so they are gonna be mad at that. ;)
  14. The kind that I will get cautioned on here for talking about

  15. What do you do that gets you 25 dollars a day?
  16. ^^^^

    for real
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    Between 6-15 a day x2 and anywhere up to 100-300 a week depending on how much effort I put into it. Although it's not illegal or have anything immoral about I don't want to talk about it open me.
  18. Lie cheat and steal

  19. Que paso, mi amigo?
  20. yea but the government aint seeing a dime of this paper.

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