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  1. often do you clean/replace the "whip?" I was just looking at the whip/wand and took notice that it's filthy. Then I realized: it's been over one year since I cleaned in. Yea, I think it's time.  :unsure:

  2. I clean the glass piece on my DBV every couple months. Usually when the screen is just to clogged up to use. I tore up my first tube part about a year ago trying to clean it with some horrible techniques so I havent even touched my current one and dont plan to.
  3. I clean my SSV once a week. First I pour ISO into tube, then remove the screen and soak it, and finally the glass bits. But I guess it all depends on how often you use it, right?
  4. I used to clean my SSV all the time but thats when about 10 bowls a day went through it. Now I'd say its use averages out to a bowl a day and all i have done in the last month was replace the screen (only because I was vaping oil and it got clogged)
  5. I've got an Extreme Q. I like to keep the glass pieces pretty clean so the glass elbows need to be cleaned every week or so and I replace the tubing more like every couple of months (I order ten feet or so at a time and divide that. For tubing this may help: The elbow screens are the only components that seem to get dirty quickly (especially when adding concentrates to the bud as I tend to do) but are also very easy to clean with a little alcohol, some water, and a toothbrush.
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    I clean mine with iso about once a week and replace/clean the screen everyday.  I bought one of those 2 piece whips that come apart in the middle.  A worth while investment as it's much easier to replace the screen.  I replace the tubing to the whip about once a month.
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    I tie a piece of elastic string to a screw which's head is the exact diameter as my whip.  I pull the string through the whip and the screw head passes through the whip effectively scraping the sides of the walls.  By the time i pull the string through the entire whip I have a nice hunk of "whip hash" on the head of the screw that I like to spread on a joint paper.
  8. It's rather unnecessary to completely clean the pieces.  All you really need is a clean screen in there.
    I haven't cleaned the pieces in alcohol for a long time.  The tubing I'm using hasn't been changed in a while.  Still works great though.  I just don't feel like spending the money on new tubing yet and don't feel like I need the glass cleaned in alcohol yet either.
    You really don't need to clean any of them often at all.  Usually when I clean a screen then I just try to clean out the wand by using the stirrer.

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