Those of you who enjoy falling asleep to music

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  1. If you like to put on some music when you get into bed, what are your favorite songs to fall asleep to? What does your sleep play list look like?
  2. I cant be the only one who does this....

  3. modest mouse is awesome to fall asleep to, so is pink floyd
  4. Floyd is good. Uh also some soft instrumental music works. Like I have this oriental music track, thats about 10 minutes long and its calming, soft and relaxing. It's awesome to sleep to.
  5. I could list so many songs...

    Steve Roach, The Orb, Robert Fripp, O Yuki Conjugate, Aphex Twin... all that stuff makes me dreams happy:D
  6. i like incubus, especially morning view cause its more mellow, and some of the softer 311
  7. I usually put on some Pink Floyd, The Orb, and Plastikman (Richie Hawtin).
  8. I love listening to Sigur Ros. Although sometimes I find myself falling asleep to Happy Hardcore Techno and Slayer as well.
  9. if i listen to any music i love while i'm tryin to go to sleep, i won't fall asleep.. i end up staying up just because i enjoy listening to the type of music i love, and i can't fall asleep to it hah
  10. good thread, i do this as well. recently its been:

    outkast - atliens
    portishead - dummy

    two great albums. almost perfect albums.
  11. Go to and type in The Mercury Program. Lots of great instrumental chill music will come up and it all is easy as hell to fall asleep to.
  12. listen to some Sound Tribe Sector Nine, Perpetual Groove, Galactic, or Umphrey's before you hit the sack...great trance/jam beats.
  13. Sigur Ros - "( )"or Pele - "Enemies".

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