Those of you in the fast food industry can probably relate. Warning: SUPER long read

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  1. So, let me give you a little background info. I work at Chick-Fil-A, [yay non-drug testing jobs:D] and I had to work today. I normally do front counter [cashiering, making sure sauces/cups/etc are stocked, stuff like that].

    Well, I got to work and things were okay, kinda busy though. Well about 20 mins into my shift this dude walks in and comes to my register. He REEKED of weed [keep in mind Chick-Fil-A is a catholic based restaurant, I'm not religious myself but all of the restaurant owners are] so it was pretty funny seeing that the owner was standing 2 registers away talking to a coworker. Well he winds up ordering like $50 worth of food, the whole time I was so tempted to be like dude wanna share? haha.

    So now that you've read the funny part of my story, I now need to vent about the "joys" [not] of working at a fast food restaurant..

    So since we were busy all day [we had a ton of specials going on to attract business] we got behind, or in other words, the dining room got dirty and stuff like that. So tensions were high and people were stressed. The whole day, the manager was in a bad mood and it was me and his gf working front counter, so for obvious reasons, he gave me shit about every little thing I did wrong and said nothing to his gf. That kinda got on my nerves. Well about 10min before my shift was supposed to end, this lady came in with her kids and asked for a vanilla ice cream cone and a ice cream cup with chocolate. Well since Chick-Fil-A doesn't have chocolate ice cream, I assumed she meant chocolate syrup on vanilla. Well I made the cone, went to grab a cup and grabbed the wrong size [I very rarely have to make ice cream cups, so I often forget the sizes] and the one girl [manager's gf] was all stressed like everyone else so she snapped at me and was like, "just let me do it." During all this I accidentally knocked over a cup of cherries. So she gives me the ice cream and I take it to the customer. Well this lady FLIPS at me. She's like, ummm I wanted chocolate. So I said, this is chocolate, ma'am. And she said no, chocolate ice cream. So I'm like, I'm sorry, we don't carry chocolate ice cream. And she's like fine, I'll take my money elsewhere. So I'm like okay. So she says, well give me my money back! Well during this, the girl was bitching about the spilled cherries [I didn't clean it up yet because I had to finish with the customer first] and she was basically complaining about me to everyone and just trying to piss me off. So I had to call her over to type in the manager code to give the lady her refund. So she FLIPPED that the lady gave the ice cream back and got even more mad at me. Well, I have anger issues, so my temper was near boiling point with this girl. Plus, it's 11min after my shift was supposed to end, so I was pissed because I just wanted to go home. So since the girl got everyone pissed at me since someone else cleaned up the mess, everyone tried to make me clean all of the machinery that was the nastiest. But at this point the manager notices that I was supposed to go home 11min ago so he lets me go, therefore I didn't have to clean everything :hello: So I went home. That was probably the worst day at work I've ever had. Well, the good thing is, my parents aren't home so I get to take a walk in the woods and break in my new inside-out spoon :smoke:

    [For the blades who enjoy being the age police, I'm 18, but I'm still a senior in high school and under my parents' roof. They're COMPLETELY anti-weed and would kick me out for sure if they knew I smoked. So I gotta be extra careful about it. For those of you who are like "well you're an adult, do what you want" -- I have nowhere else to live at the moment :(]
  2. Dam that would suck. Good info saying chick fil a doesnt test. I guess i should apply there now
  3. Yeah fast food joints can suck ass. Been there done that.
  4. OMG I fucking love Chickfil-a... amazing food.

    I'm sooo pissed they don't have that shit up north in CT... I eat it sooo much when I'm in Florida... ohhhhh it's soooo good... goddamn I'm craving that shit sooo bad.
  5. haha great story man. and its good you respect your parents opinion on your smoking. and yeah chickfil-a is awesome.
  6. Yeah man I used to work at an ice cream place, it was the worrrrrrrrst. So glad I don't work there anymore.
  7. Thank you so much for working at Chic-Fil-A and supporting their delicious nuggets. However, at the same time, damn you for not being open on Sundays. :p

  8. hahaha..totally agree
  9. It seems like you're bad at your job
  10. Fast food joints are supposed to suck, so that people who work there have a good reason not to fuck up and resign themselves to working at one for the rest of their pathetic lives :wave:
  11. I'm not bad at my job, it was just one of those days. You could be the best worker out there and just have a day where everything goes wrong, you know? It happens.
  12. perhaps chick fila is too difficult of a job, perhaps try to find a job at mcdonalds?

    jk dude that sucks... sounds like a shitty job... but atleast u have a job, right?
  13. I worked in Dunkin' Donuts for 4 years. Started off as cashier, ended up as manager... This sounds like every day at my job!!! Soo much drama... But when I became manager, the store was much more green! Lol....

    But, I hate fast food. I will never do it again.
  14. i cook at a resteraunt right now and i can tell u dude, the worst part of the food business is the fact that people will complain or bitch bout everything, but yet the same person continues to come back day after day week after week
  15. just cuz their miserable and cant see joy in life doesnt mean u should , shrugg it off
  16. Nice sig OP =)

    And yeah, almost every highschool job suck, it's all a revolving door.

    Careers don't start till after high school ;)
  17. yeah it's all good. i'm happy to have a job and all since i'm going to be moving out soon, but sometimes you have those days and you just gotta vent and get it off your chest. i have to work tomorrow, this time i won't let them get to me :cool:
  18. I work at a Mcd's and can relate, the other day, I was on grill with a crew trainer (aka manager's bitch) who was convinced he was a manager, who wasn't calling when we got low on product, and I was too busy cooking what I knew we needed to check,and if we run out of something it's automatically on the guy cooking the food. so we ran out of nuggets and he got really indignant about it, so I knocked out his front tooth :laughing: luckily none of the managers saw that. he got out 10 min later and didn't say anything about it. that was one of my worst days, but it's an awesome place when the right people are in. one night, when we weren't the entire crew (manager included) was toking in the freezer in shifts.
  19. started working at arbys yesterday and decided to be lit for my first day. it made things fun but my high didnt last the whole shift so i was ready to pass out when i got done
  20. yeah fuck that shit dont take anything from anyone. Sounds like youre taking orders and shit from your co-workers and they're making u their bitch. only do something if a manager tells u to. otherwise jus tell ppl to fuck off hah

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