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Those No Good Dealers up to no good

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TooStoned, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. When i had to go get a drug test for court, the guy that interviewed me said he used to be a dealer and he told me some of the things he did to make sure people came back to him. he said he would spray his weed with various other chemicals/drugs that would make it addictive. some of the things he sprayed was just terrible. The fluid used to preserve dead bodies, Strictnine (spelling? its the stuff in rat poison) and then some other harder drugs. i was kinda dismayed at this. all i want is a straight bag of bud you know? is there any way i can test my own bud when i get it to see if its laced with anything else? or something i could look for?
  2. yeah there are places you can go to that will analyze your drug samples. theyll tell you what is is but not what quality/type.
  3. Mighta just been winding ya,all up to my friend ?????
  4. Critter... i did not understand your post at all lol
  5. uhm.. I think what critter is trying to say is that you should consider the plausable possibility that this guy was just flat out lying to you to get you irked and to think twice about that next sack you buy.
  6. yeah the thought did cross my mind, now i just have to convince my mom of that though

  7. yep ,thats what l thought l said .

    Thanks mate[​IMG]
  8. The only laced weed comes from the ghetto, and they are usually too lazy to do so. Don't believe some BS from and interviewer who is obviously LYING! duh.
  9. exactly. lotsa weed is laced with crack around here you can always tell cause their are crystals at the bottom of the bowl when ur done.
  10. formeldahyde youd smell and im pretty damn sure that shits deadly, so it wouldnt keep no one coming back. Itd be sending all them fools who couldnt smell it to the grave.

  11. Na I think it just fucks you UP.

  12. I try to stay fluent in Austrialian so I can translate form Austrialian to American if I need to. Likewise, I try to stay current in my English and Canadian Englsih as well.

    Different dialects can be different languages sometimes. :p
  13. yeah, around here if someone tried that shit they would get a beatdown from every person who bought a sack off them.

  14. This is the shit they stick you in so you dont rot. Im pretty sure it isnt too healthy.

    I have heard of something called embalming fluid that fucks you up, but i think its just a name for it. I dont think its real embalming fluid.
  15. If you thought it was sprayed with water it probably was. Some dicks do that to add weight to the bag

  16. Na it's the same shit.
  17. just to get some stuff straight guys:

    formaldehyde is a CARCINOGEN. im not sure of how (immediately) deadly it is. but it is most definitely a POISON.

    when ppl speak of smoking embalming fluid, they usually (always) are referring to PCP. for some very strange reasons it has been referred to as embalming fluid. it is NOT. in fact, i doubt embalming fluid would get u high at all. so don't any of yall go and try and dip ur joint in a bottle of formaldehyde.

  18. thank you.

    I knew shit that powerful couldnt be good.
  19. fermaldahyde is in cigarettes...


    It seems to still be unresolved...

    "In summary, it is unclear whether the practice of smoking marijuana soaked in embalming fluid connotes a new type of intoxication, or whether what we are seeing is PCP intoxication that simply has a new name or gimmick to aid in its allure and sales."

    EDIT: this quote from that case study is just too funny not to post:

    "The patient, a homosexual male, admits to me that he had unprotected anal sex during the time he was high and has no memory of it; he was informed later by some friends."

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