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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by PintyHet, Mar 23, 2004.

  1. For the last couple of years i've had a blast. had great friends great weed and no responsibility. but now it looks like its time to move on. i'll carry weed and memories with me but that chapter in my life is over. friends have moved off and drifted apart people and places have changed. my town is now nothing but a shell of what it once was and i think its time for me to move on as well. i should be moving up to NC soon getting my own place and starting my life. alot to think about.. more than i've ever had in my whole life.. will i sink or swim? what will it be like? will i finally be able to have a normal life full of the things i love? pretty heavy stuff to think about sitting here alone with 311 playing like a breeze of cool air from times past. anyone else ever been where i am? be nice to hear something from others that have spread their wings or from people that are doing the same thing as me. anyone else out there ever feel the same? i dont even know what i'm supposed to be thinking right now.. am i happy? am i sad? so confused and so alone with nothing but the shards of my life scatterd to the wind. is this what they ment when the said burnt out?

    Live well my brothers
  2. <3 thanks
  3. yeah, when things change, and you look back, they always seem better, but i find that remembering the bad times helps a bit, but we all gotta move on at some point, unfortunatly.

    Changes for better or worse, will always turn out good in the end.
  4. well when i first get my own place i'll be lucky to have the power on lol so eh look for a new dealer work alot and eh i dunno walk around on the beach or something i guess. doubt i'll have the interenet again for like years..take alot of walks...thats about all i can think of maybe buy a net and go bait casting and sell it to tourist?..sounds like fun ehhe :/ didnt meen to be so gloomy it just kinda hit me for the first time that i was leaving everyone. maybe i could get cable tv and try to find some people around the apartment to hang out with or something. i was a hermit growing up so i'm not to good at the whole people thing but once i get friends they usually love me so eh *shrug* who knows
  5. cuz i'm not going to have much money. i'ma be soooo tight on cash its not even funny i'ma have to eat like ham sandwiches for the rest of my life but yeh know its gotta be done. i'd go without water to be able to afford some green though. once i get settled in i wanna smoke sooooo much but eh have to see about that..i think its not knowing whats going to happen and the thought of being alone that are bothering me(that and endless ham sandwhiches) :/
  6. havent made it up there yet not going without a job which as of today i've deemed damn hard to find..but i'll only be bringing in at the most 10 an hour which will get by but not buy much =)
  7. If you get 10 an hour at 40 hours a week, that's 1600 a month before taxes. I'd think that'd be enough to get a one bedroom apt, grass, and more than just ham sandwiches.
  8. I'ma electrician.. or hope to be went to school for a while but cant find any work around here and i've always loved the place i wanna move to. been almost a week now and i still havent found a job..isnt long i know, guess i just need to keep looking =)
  9. well got like a year left or so.. i was just reflecting for the first time on what it ment to go it alone for the frist time yeh know? shed a few tears and got it out of my system i'm all better now =) going to get a job at taco bell to pass the time untill i find something up there should be chipper.. or i could get a job up there tomorrow *shrug* i even have the place i'ma live picked out and the thought of being able to sit in my own living room and smoke up sounds so nice.. dunno whats ahead but i'm ready again to charge full speed just needed some time to reflect i guess. thanks guys =)
  10. i'm at that point in my life, also. highschools gonna be over in 2 months and i'm gonna be on my own. the best thing to do is smoke a bowl, forget about the past, and think about how cool the future will be. think positive thoughts.

  11. 10 an hour is what he said in a post as a possible numner, so I just repeated it. But, on a side note, I got a $10 an hour job doing websites before my freshman year in college - having no prior profesional experience (other than retail) and just submitting a portfolio of what I could do, so it's a possibility seeing as he has at least some computer skills (seeing as he knows what a forum is/uses one, which is too complicated for some people). I dunno, I'm just really rambling at this point, so I'll just end it here.

  12. You should give Europe a try man,England pays sparks(electricians) really well.I travelled through Germany,Spain, France and Holland during the 90s.
    I did lots of things to earn money,I worked as an engineer on the Ajax football stadium,I smuggled bud across borders, I even did a stint as a forklift driver at Heineken.
    Life is for living and you just have to say balls to it all and take a risk now and again,the worst would be to get to 60 or 70 and look back and think I should have done this or that and realising it's too late.
    I have some awesome memories of people I've met and things I've done.The sight of the Berlin Wall being torn down by the citizens of both east and west re-unifying Germany is something I was glad to be part of,the elation of people who hadn't seen each other for years was very emotional even for an old cynic like me.
    The only regret I have is that I waited till I was 24 before I got out of my own backyard.
  13. I've found a job there will be moving sometime next weekend...i'm so not even going to think about it or try not to. complete change and for the first time in my life its actually going to matter .. like before i messed around at jobs cuz it just didnt matter if i lost a job at taco casa who cares yeh know? but now its actually going to be important. i've now become a full fledged adult with my first real job and bills to pay..well its what it is and its where i am so ahead i go =D confidance will come with time i guess and so will great things like money pot and eh more pot i'ma smoke up ever day after work and alll weekend long Go walking around on the beach and fish to catch dinner ima be an ocean stoner man finally. i sacrifice security and doing nothing but get total freedom and living on the beach in return. sounds like a decent deal to me =)

  14. I'll say this much: Fast food in a busy location can be a horrible job. If it's a pretty remote location and you don't get a huge amount of sales on the weekends, it won't be that bad. But picking a busy spot (like a mall location) is kinda pointless since they don't pay you any extra to deal with the huge amounts of customers (most of which are pissed off to begin with).

    Fast food ain't all bad tho, cuz most of the people that work there are stoners/dealers.

    You won't have problems finding hook-ups...

    As far as bills; the phone companies lie a lot. Be careful about them. They bullshitted me about my plan and cost me a lot of cash...a lot of cash I didn't have. :mad:

    Anyways, good luck with ya job. :)'s a huge world out there..but nobody really understands how much money matters until they gotta pay for everything they do... so it's definitely a lesson in life.
  15. pinty het, eh? from FFIX? great game.
  16. eh, its the name of a song i used to like a year ago.
  17. Yah its was IX =) *update time!*
    Said my good byes leaving tomorrow. have the job for sure guy only wants to give me 8 an hour (bleh) but eh its something and i can leave and go loot and pillage my booty elsewhere after about 3 months ;) well whatever comes from this i'm looking forward to it. off i go into the sky =D

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