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Those Commericals

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by COOL CAT, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. I hate those stoner commericals were the girl gets hit by the car, and that little girl goes to the pool, fuck that. Has anybody heard anything like that before. i sure haven't.I live in texas and the only thing i heard around here is a 16 lost control one night(it was raining). Went into a pasture and hit a cow. He was fine but they had to kill the cow because it's legs were broken. Which commerical pissed you off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. all those commercials piss me off. and the one where the kids like, my brother smokes pot, but he never killed himself or did this or did that and you think its going to be a pro weed commercial, then hes goes to the basement and you see his brother there just sitting, and the kid goes "he never really did much of anything" and they make it look like if you smoke weed you will never leave the fucking basement

    And the one where the kids are playing with the gun and shoots each other. THat makes no sense, im so much more responsible and rational when im stoned.

    Fucking government. We are having this thing about the founding of America and the lawas and shit in history, the the question came up, if a law is unjust should you break the law while fighting to fix it , or follow the law while fighting to fix it. Of course i think you break it and try to fix it, but how the fuck does the government expect us to fix the things wrong with the country if they fucking spread lies and propaganda to knock us down.
  3. oh yah and the other one with the swimmer girl who doesnt show up for the swim meet.

    These are not typical stoners, they are the dumbest fucking stoners/people you would ever find.
  4. yea, i dunno about you guys, but i play club hockey; and when i have a game or practice, i don't show up baked, i don't smoke the day of the game or practice either. does that make me a responsible stoner? yup. asshole gov't.
  5. i played 6 years of football we took all our shit when it was game time , no fucked up shit like that. We need a pro pot commerical

  6. Yeah, one where its like,
    "My sisters smokes] weed. They never hit a little girl on a bike, they never shot his friend my accident, they never left a little girl alone by the pool. They were never late for an audition, and they didnt spend their lives in our basement. They got hella rich and very hot. Theyre the Olsen Twins!"

    That would get mad people to think pot is good.
  7. FIRST off, Hey everybody, I'm new. Feel free to send me jello.

    ANYWAYS, those commercials make me laugh :p I love the one where the little kid is about to go in to the swimming pool and drown, and then the narrator says "Just tell her parents you were getting stoned, they'll understand" HHA, that commercial has nothing to do with marijuana! You could have replaced "getting stoned" with "on the phone", or "taking a shit", or "napping"...Unbelievable what theyll try to do to stop you from smoking...you'd think they'd have better things to do with their time??
  8. all those commercials piss me off, especially the superbowl commercials, except if im stoned im laughin my ass off...

    i NEVER get stoned on tuesdays because i have guitar lessons. responsible stoner! fuck u gov't!
  9. who cares?!? let the ppl who are dumb enough to believe it believe it, they are the ones missing out, you should feel bad for them. They dont make US look bad they make THEMSELVES look bad for believing it...

  10. You should start going to guitar lessons smoked up. I bet it helps you a lot. All the greatest musicans wrote and played fucked up.

    But the problem is its hard to change people minds about weed to get enough people to vote for it to legalize it. If we keep getting put down, with no one helping us get back up, were going to go out for good and never have a chance of getting it legal.
  11. There is a positive side...those commercials dont really influence anyone one way or the other. If you smoke pot, you arent going to stop cuz a commercial tells you too...specially one that is so untrue. If you were already against it, then...you were already against it. If you didnt care one way or the other...you prolly still wont.

  12. Thats why theres gotta be more PRO-pot commercials, to sway those uneducated naysayers .

  13. Theres no positive side. i know people who smoke but got skeptical about it because of commercials like these. I had to educate them, which im happy to do, but still one commercial influences thousands, i can only talk to so many people.

    And, while they may not get people to stop smoking, its definatly not helping our cause.
  14. yeah pot is good for writing music but my coordination is all thrown off so when my guitar teacher tells me to play some scale i would be like....shiiiiit maaan

    at least for me, i have heard of people playing better stoned
  15. I think NORML had an article of a study saying those commercials had no effect on teens.

    The government has gone crazy against pot. I haven't seen any other anti-drug commercials except for pot, and tobacco. I guess it's the whole "gateway drug" thing though, so whatever... It's a big waste of tax money any way you look at it.
  16. Those commercials are dumb. Like Phloydrix said, just replace getting stoned with eating pizza, or jerking off. How about they replace it with getting extra help in school cuz ur failing. Someone should do that. Someone take that commercial and replace the Voice-over with "You can just tell your parents you weren't there because you were in school getting extra help." Those commercials are dumb. The ones that say if your friend is in trouble with drugs are good if you ask me because some people do have problems and need help but spreading propaganda is stupid.
  17. i like one of the latest ones where 2 parent are role playing what their son/daughter is gonna do... like slammin the door n shit.... hell if my mom had ever told me that i had better quit, and im grounded my response would simply be "no"... and if it continued on from there i'd say "fuck this shit" and leave.... if she doesnt want pot in her house, then just dont live in her house....

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