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Those beautiful exotics becoming ever so expensive!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by APassionforMJ, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Okay, so i've been around the marijuana game for close to a year now, ever since my first toke....i knew this is what i was looking for. Usually, my wallet would never suffer, i would always limit myself, but as my knowledge for weed and its better strains expanded, so did the prices. I live in Georgia, and it's an alright place for bud, but i used to get stuff for $350 an oz that was always fire. Now it seems like all i can find is $500+ for these tasty exotics. Is this the average price these days, or should i try and find a new hook-up?
  2. i've heard of 600 an o for exotics. prices are ridiculous nowdays
  3. oh do I wish I was your dealer. not that I deal anyways. I would to you if I knew you though.
  4. Hah, well it's not like i'm getting that bad of prices compared to the other people in my area. But i mean....most dealers around my area try to get away with selling for 30 / g. I'm the guy who wants to change that price in my area to 20/g. I'm not really about to money, i'm just about spreading the passion for bud around.
  5. the most expensive oz of exotics i've ever seen up here was 400 and I think thats a crock of shit. way to expensive..
  6. Down in Tx we get our top notch 400-475, depends on your caregiver.
  7. Depending on the area, and if there were any recent busts that might not be so unreasonable. For 500+ do you get well-grown indoor? Because if so thats not far off retail. I usually get outdoor much cheaper but indoor is nice too, get that High Times look.
  8. Some EXOTIC shit around here would be like 5+, but the bud I pick up usually goes for $420-$440 an oz. It's not retarded bud or anything, but it's straight piff.
  9. Texas does not have a MMJ law on the books, so no one in Texas can be defined as a "caregiver."
  10. around here "exotics" are usually just no-name dank. so for instance- if i'm grabbing "kush" at $55/8th an 1/8 of "exotics" would usually only run around $50. but that's NY, and i'm sure jargan differs. if you're paying more but still getting better quality, it's really just preference.
  11. wow i wont pay more than 300, only thing i buy for 350 is sensi star
  12. #12 septumus, Feb 17, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2009

    I could definitely call my supplier a "caregivier" even though Texas doesn't have any MMJ laws. We're working on that though :)

    And it's about 400$ for exotics/sensamillia/dank here.
  13. yeah around here it's $300 for some dank, $350 for exotics...
  14. OOO your witty, your witty... almost TOOO witty.

    youd sell him an O or so, like what, every month or 2? YOUD MAKE BANK DAWG


  15. He might not make bank but thats a free 200 bucks.

    Those prices are way too expensive, really for Atlanta. If I was still down there I could get 2 ozs for that in Atlanta.
  16. the prices for bud suck. because if you get busted with it you dont get a worse charge for the strand it is. so i have no idea why people are jacking up prices. i wish it was all the same and standard. 10 a g, 25 a trac, 45 a q, and 80 a half, and so on. but damn if i dont love some fire and pay the extra anyway.
  17. Damn, no wonder people make so much bank taking Canadian ganj down to the states.

    NY, down in Georgia and Florida, prices I hear are crazy.

    If the stuff you buy is really really top notch scientific shit, that runs two bills or 220 here.

    I just grab 160 o's because its always good weed but 50% of the time isnt named. I dont wanna pay for a name.

  18. Canada ftw!

    Down here, I can find DANK Oz's for cheap, although like anywhere the price fluctuates..

    Lowest ive ever had was 120$ an O of Hindu Kush.. gotta love private growers :D

    Other then that, I generally pay 140-180, 200 if its REALLY nice and everyone else is dry.
  19. the price of green should be dropping as more ppl look to cannabis to earn money in the recession. i suspect exports from Canada will be going up too. though Canada cannabis only makes up 3 to 5 per cent of the US marketplace. the price of prohibition is in the markup. if i lived in a hard ass place i charged more!

    $280 CDN is the highend for top grade grass and even then you'll get complainers. after exchange that's like $250 an OZ.
  20. most ive ever heard is like 450

    and that was some DANK

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