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  1. Those people who always are saying how they dont give a fuck or "idgaf" as a reply too like everything. I try to ignore them or delete them. Idk im in a bad mood today

    So anyone else have any annoying things like this to share?

    Don't care.
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  4. I've had a few people who are always moaning they have nothing to do/no friends are around...but when ever I extend an offer (as I'm also often looking to do things) just to chill and have coffee even they ignore it. Pisses me off as to me then thats therir own fault cause it also makes me wonder what other people are asking them too. The one guy pissed me off more because it started to become clear that by people to hang out with he only really wanted the ones he thinks are the cool "in" musicians around town or cute younger women. I'm female but I'm older and can't compete with a 20 year old but that isn't why I ask guy friends to do stuff. And this last guy is like 30 so it's really juvenile- something I'd expect from an 18 year old maybre.
    ok done rant- was good to get that out though.
    I have deleted a couple of them.

    oh and the people you only know a little who send you a chat message cause they are looking for weed but other wise have no contact on there with you.
  5. I hate the ones that brag about smoking weed. One of my friends always has status's like "Ain't been on this all day watz good Facebook I'm smacked" and "Goodnight I'm fukin tired and mad that I was sober for a day WTF"

  6. For real, heres a copy and pasted convo from facebook

    9 hours ago · Like · · See Friendship

    Nikki- i just got done. im putting on my face then heading over there
    9 hours ago · Like

    Claire -kkay :)
    9 hours ago · Like

    Claire- my face isnt on btw
    9 hours ago · Like

    Nikki- ill just wear sunglasses, well be faceless today
    9 hours ago · Like

    Claire- lmfao k cool. its 4:20 im packin the bowl
    9 hours ago · Like

    Nikki- haha be there soon
    9 hours ago · Like
    Nobody gives a fuck that your packing a bowl your just saying it trying to sound cool.... I erased their last names for obvious reasons.
  7. Just reading through Facebook statuses pisses me off.
  8. I FUCKING hate those: "like my status." Grown ass people, with nothing to do. I'm not even sure why I have a Facebook? ^_^

  9. lmao Yeah they just do it for attention and to sound cool. I remember in January one of my friends made a bunch of status's that went exactly like this.

    Vanessa: about to smoke a blunt.
    Vanessa: so smacked right now
    Vanessa: got the munchies, gonna go to mcdonalds.
    comment: stay in the kitchen
    Vanessa: this cold is gonna kill my high.
    comment:told you to stay in the kitchen. why would you go out in this weather.
    Vanessa: Got back from mcdonalds, weather killed my high, gonna smoke another blunt.

    So annoying, nobody gives a fuck that your high, got the munchies, went to mcdonalds. I usually dont do those "stay in the kitchen" jokes but she really deserved it.
  10. One of my chick freonds keeps writtibg bukkshit Attis about "how she no longer cares, do what you want" and how "she's over it, she's gonna jus ignore her and get on with her life"

  11. When I used to have a facebook (before I found out it was stupid as fuck and deleted it) there was this one girl that posted a status literally every 10 minutes. It got sooo bad that one of my buddies made a fan page against her and her annoying posts.

    I think she lost nearly 100-150 "friends" the day he created that page hahaha
  12. Just girls sitting on there bitching about guys they dated for 2 days and shit
  13. [ame=]‪OMG WHO THE HELL CARES!‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  14. Here's some.

    Omg in such a bad mood. Tonight sucked!


    Omg i hate him/her text me


    Watching (Enter show/movie here)!
    Cool no one gives a fuck


    Yo dawg people be fucked up now adays you feel me bra you can't trust no one#realshit


    I've decided to delete my facebook as soon as I get back to the US, cause right now it's my only method of conversation with some friends.
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    Haha I can relate to seeing statuses like that!
  16. That's why I stick to my Myspace.

    KIDDING :smoking:
  17. Love those people who post gay shit like, "Live like everyday is your last, because you never know when you're going to die" or something along those lines..
  18. for some reason i have a lot of slutty friends on my fb who like to update their statuses portraying their sluttiness -- what really pisses me off though are those stupid game requests and shit spamming my news feed. like fuck off farmville.

    oh and it's also nice to come across someone's profile and see that they've deleted you as a friend. they can fuck off as well.
  19. I actually deleted mine when I was browsing all my friend's profiles and thought to myself "I don't give a fuck what these people are doing...why would they care about my posts either"
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    Same here fuck that shit ... !

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