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Those Alternate Herbs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ThisDopeIsmoke, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Anyone know anything about these alternate herbs you can get besides weed?
    Like these
    I'v done salvium before but i didn't feel it. think it was like 25X extract.
    And finnaly

    Just want a little info on them if anyone knows or has experience with them.

    Thanks ahead of time. =)
  2. It's all crap, some of them have very light effects or can be about as relaxing as a cup of tea. Nothing comparable to THC.

  3. tru.dat
  4. Tried a correct couple of hits of 40x Salvia, didn't do shit really.. I felt strange for a couple minutes but def felt like a rip off.
  5. I tried mixed salvia with weed it was 5x times but i sort of felt it dreamy like effects to it, for like 10-30 min or so, then just a normal weed buzz anyways either way its still a rip off why is something legal more expensive than pot, why is it 50 bucks for a fuckin gram, I like salvia any1 know if its legal to grow it if so i'd try growing the strongest possible , cause str8 up thats a fuckin rip off. You think illegal marijuana was expensive at 20 a g for good shit.

  6. haha. Try it again. A gram will go a long way and you probably wouldn't even want to do it all. Salvia needs to be done with respect. That shit will take you to another level. You smoked it wrong and 5x is extremely week. It's also not something you really smoke for the high. If you payed $50/g is usually atleast 25x. You can grow salvia. It's supposedly hard but you can order clones online. It wont be potent unless you grow a lot and extract it yourself.

    You're crazy if you think weed is cheaper.

    I don't know how legit that site is but the price sounds what seems to be right for leaves.

  7. Yea still a gram of 5x is 28 dollars more expensive than a gram of good chronic. Smoked it wrong?? I smoked a couple bowls/bongs mixed with good chronic kind bud and also a few of them just salvia and that gave me a good buzz for 10-30 min. My quesiton was so what if it was 25x why is more money then pot, if it is legal?
  8. I just didn't like salvia. it was nothing. i probaly smoked it wrong tho.
    Guess i'll just stick to the best and not waste my money on these alternates.
    Thanks guys
  9. You also need a butane lighter because the chemicals are not release until very high temperatures. Kratom works I've tried its ok nothing comparable to pot though obviously. Theres another herb called kava kava that is similar too coffee but stronger.
  10. Because in order to make 1 gram of 25x extract it takes 25 grams of leaves, and people rip each other off a lot. if you do salvia right it is similar to dmt, stronger then magic mushrooms and stuff, its a drug, just because its legal doesn't mean its weak
  11. If you smoked it mixed with weed, its not going to affect you. Try some 50x. Cash the bowl in one hit, and hold it until you can't anymore.

    Last time I did that, I talked to the Traveling Gnome from the Travelocity commericals for 10 minutes and then he kinda just faded away and I was fine again. It was actually pretty cool. My buddy had a bad trip I think though. He thought the back of my buddies truck was gone and he was going to fall out the back window.
  12. Salvia is some crazy shit, def trip hard for a few minutes then come back down pretty quickly. I dont like the high you get afterwords, it kinda annoys me
    and you dont NEED a torch lighter, but if you are usin your bic you gotta really light it.

    But dude, just go get yourself some bananas and extract yourself some psychoactive bananadine...
  13. I have smoked 20x salvia out of a bong, and I could have lived my life without experiencing that gravitational nightmare that lasted 2 minutes. It sure worked in my case, I felt as if the gravity here on earth had somehow shifted and was now pulling me horizontally. Everything I saw started to smear together like water colors. I found myself in a panic trying to get out of the room I was in. I ended up jumping out of my room, or at least giving the commands to the brain which wasnt working, onto a couch in the living room. All of a sudden i felt normal, could see everything "in this world" again and sighed.

    Seriously that shit is potent. It was stronger than any LSD or shrooms I have taken all crammed into 2 minutes.
  14. salvia is fucking weird! if you smoke it the right way you will trip balls! i, personally seriously disliked the trip i felt like i was being fused with a table. one that i've trid that works is wild dagga flowers. the high is only a slight buzz but if your open minded and pay attention to the subtle effects, you will feel it and it will get you through dry spells.

  15. alrite I want to try 50x extract, and see what that does, if im paying that much i'd better trip

  16. theyre all whack dont do it there were a lot of threads about this a while ago, i think the conclusion was spice gold is the only legal bud that actually works, but it smells and tastes like shit to me

  17. Salvia works! Either get a stronger extract, 25x or higher, or smoke it out of a bong and hold it for 30+sec.


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