Thor and the Serpent

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    So, I had a Siberian dwarf hamster named Thor. The name may seem over the top, but he eventually earned it... If you stick your hand into his home, you would experience his 20gram wrath, he would latch his vicious fangs onto your finger. Luckily I am tough as nails and I could withstand his assault.

    One day my cousin was over and he was reaching in and noticed the blitzkrieg I had warned him about, he thought it was funny until Thors vice-like canines clamped down on his finger. He lifted his hand out of Thors lair, with Thor still attempting to acquire his daily dose of flesh. My cousin, with increasing intensity says 'oooooOOOOWWW' and shook Thor to get him to let go. Fortunately for him, Thor was merciful this day, and bouncing off the wall Thor was out of his cage. As anyone earning the name Thor, he sustained no injuries.

    That's just the preface.

    So my birthday was rolling around, and my dad got me a roughly 12-16in rainbow boa (Actually a bit before my birthday)
    [​IMG]like this but about as thick as your average finger. They are from South America so they prefer humid environments, so I put plastic wrap over his aquarium to help trap the moisture. I noticed it was getting way to wet so I pulled it back to let some humidity out. Later that day I come back into my room and the little shit got out. No big deal, I lived in the attic, I will find him. What the fuck, where is Thor... No fucking way, that tiny ass snake could take on that ferocious beast that is substantially bigger around than the snake. It hit me, yes, the demon serpent, my birthday present not only got out but devoured my other pet! Oh well, nothing I can do, at least he is fed.

    So I'm looking for my snake, and under my brothers bed which was on the other side of the attic, guess what I find?

    Wrong, I find Thor! Only Thor is a lot skinnier and longer than he used to be. Yes Lucifer ate and then regurgitated Thor on the floor. I never could find that devil, until one day, years later my dad was putting in a new bathroom sink on the second floor (one lower than the attic) and there he was, or at least his skeletal remains, happy birthday.

    Sadly every last bit of that is true.
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  2. LOL. Gourmet food. I've worked at an exotic pet shop part time for some time out of enjoyment. When I first started, a Russian dwarf bit me when grabbing a food dish and i flinched my hand so fast back he flew about 15-20 feet into a set of glass cages and rolled out just fine. Needless to say when I'm bit now, I just speed up the food chain with such boa methods you mentioned. Hehe.

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  3. Just read the edited version. What a sick twist. Lol.

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  4. It's so twisted you have to laugh at the absurdity.
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  5. Lmao damn man I was not expecting the last part.

    that's messed up :huh:
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  6. No my snake ate Thor, then got out of Thors cage and eventually regurgitated him. He was dead

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