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  1. 62 years of age,smoking pot for 45 years.enjoy travel to good smoke.north india and sumatra etc.(from australia).strongly believe in complete freedom to enjoy.have always been of the opinion that we all should smoke openly and overwhelm the situation.but til then,see you in medan or manali.we can share a big fat smoke.or two.
  2. welcome man i am fairly new too its a great website where you can have great conversations with people and be really open about yourself. and people dont give you shit at all here really because we are all high haha.:smoke:
  3. thanks peacepot,where on planet?is u?whats happenin in your hood?me,gotta go see people,bag empty.hate that.
  4. I'm from America yeah i hate being dry not right now but i know the feeling.:smoke:
  5. replied as visitor from some other part of this chaos,thomas
  6. Your name makes me think you are some kind of colonial times man. Like Thomas Jefferson. Or a vampire.
    I'm on to you Thomas Vladimir.
  7. my man,the name is kozmix,as for the 2 pi's,where are they following each other to?are they there yet? enjoy your day............
  8. hi folks,
    is rolling.
    is lighting.
    what happenin' ?
    thinking of holiday in california or portugal.
    any advice good people.....

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