Thomas Jefferson smoking weed

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  1. Where did this quote come from?

    "Some of my finest hours have been spent sitting on my back veranda, smoking hemp and observing as far as my eye can see." - Thomas Jefferson

    His autobiograpy? I'm curious.
  2. i wouldn't be surprised - Ole Georgie Washington was a hemp farmer after all so it wouldnt be too far fetched to hear he enjoyed ripping a bong as much as i do.

    TJ was one smart dude too. probably rigged his musket into some sort of smoking device...
    The term 'shotgun,' or to blow someone a shotgun, originated from smokers who blew smoke into the chamber of the gun while their toking buddy took the hit from the barrel.

    And yes, that is a quote from his autobiography. Isn't it funny how our founding fathers are regarded as criminals by today's standards?
  4. didnt it also originate from vietnam when the soldiers would do that? or maybe i wrong
  5. I thought the term shotgun game from the old west. one person would hold the reigns of the horse while another person, riding shotgun, held a gun to shoot the buffalo with.

    i don't think that's on topic....

    All the early presidents were stoners.
  6. Everybody's a fucking stoner- they just don't tell you. :smoke:
  7. Yezzur.


    Ummm, we're talking about 2 different shotguns here dude...,,, Not riding shotgun like in a car, this is a smoking term...
  8. Both Washington and Jefferson wrote of growing non-fiber hemp (i.e. marijuana). Jefferson wrote of techniques to grow seedless females (sinsemillia), and Washington once wrote how he got some seed from india "Of hemp of the resinous India variety"...i.e. Indica with no value as a fiber plant but tons of value for medicinal/recreational use.
  9. Bad ass, you learn something new every day.
  10. I'm skeptical of the source.

    I mean, I would love it if the colonial ancestors grew cannabis for it's psychoactive effects, but I'm also aware of historical revisionism.

    So, until I see a reliable source, I gotta call bunk.
  11. would Thomas Jefferson's autobiography be a good enough source????
  12. its true. bejamin franklin used hemp to start one of americas first paper mills. hemp paper was used on the first 2 drafts of the constitution. thomas jefferson, george washington, benjamin franklin all grew marijuana and smoked it. almost all presidents have copped up to some marijuana use in the past.
  13. I'd rather have his personal, unreleased (and currently unknown to exist) journal. :p

    That fools a baller, why you thank he's on the highest bill we got. Some boss shit.
  14. I cannot find a mention of either 'smoking' or 'hemp'.

    Please, if there is a citation or link, please do provide.

  15. LOL I hope there weren't any accidents!
  16. LOL I was just looking for this quote earlier today....

    Where did you find this?
  17. I am really surprised. I thought it was fairly common knowledge among stoners that many of the Founding Fathers used cannabis for more than fiber. How short our collective memories are. Up until it was made illegal in the late 1930's people used cannabis widely for medicinal and recreational uses. It was not considered a bad thing. Smoking it was more common among African Americans and Mexican immigrants, but every drugstore in the country sold fairly potent tinctures of cannabis.

    This shouldn't even be a controversial topic here of all places. Spend a little time in the library and online and there are ample examples of how it was used in Colonial times.
  18. of course jefferson was a pot head, he wrote the declaration of independence on hemp.

    and of course, raped numerous black female slaves, who gave birth to his offsprings.

  19. nobody's perfect.:D

  20. if no one is perfect then where did the saying "practice makes perfect" come from?

    i never got that. people say no one is perfect, but then tell you to pratice so you can be perfect. wtf.

    yeahh, if the world was perfect then it wouldnt have a history.

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