Thizzzzzle Dance

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Atlblazer, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. So anyone got the ball to post a video of them doin the thizzle dance up on here?

    Also, if someone post a video, I will post one, already have it on the computer just dont wanna be the first person to post it :p
  2. Post yours!

    I don't have one to post cause ive never been video taped while thizzin haha.. but yeah i'd like to see yours :hello:
  3. Man im a pussy, someone elses video gets mine, mine is a good 6 months old though haa, I did not know I was gettin video taped until my sister told me. If no one else post a video by like 6 or so tonight I will get that shit up and on here.
  4. we're still waiting :wave:
  5. ill try and find a vid of my thizzin, i know i got pics which ill post tho, none are when im dancing tho :cool:
  6. i have one of mee trying to do "the little teapot" on 4 blue playboys lol.

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