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  1. double stacks aren't double stacks but the pills are definitely bigger. might as well leave the terminology because there are many things that are improperaly named...
  2. If it's a fat pill it's just a fat pill. Big pill's a big pill. Why do we have to say double or triple stacked when it isn't true and sounds dumb? Think it's better because it's bigger? Just means there's more filler in there haha.
  3. a lot of times 'double stacks' or bigger pills in general have less MDMA in them too.
  4. sometimes that's the case sometimes it isn't. i'm sorry i just like to give people the benefit of the doubt for shit that doesn't matter
  5. not even lol...I've had week-long thizzen binges before...a few times a month is fine
  6. I was taking .7 of MDMA 3 times a week and i don't feel any different to how I did before. It may be nuerotoxic but its really starting to look like it isn't. I would advise not doing what I did because i felt randomly depressed for a while after but i'm completely fine now. If i were you I would slow down though op, I used to love it but now i am completely bored of it, if you only take it occationally is special.
  7. lol ive actuelly rolled a few more times then just the moderate two or three times a month.. more on the lines of 7-8 times.. i think i might have a problem with candy flipping( lucy and E) but i seem to be doing fine and dont see any problems
  8. man i cant even find rolls in my area, and im in new england
  9. once every two months to really save that magic with molly!
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    Ooops. :cry::smoking:

    But yeah, i've done it every other day for the past....2 or 3 weeks? don't really remember. But i've been fine, no loss of the "magic" or depression or anything. But then again, I only do about half a pill each time, i just like a nice buzz after school or something stressful.

    To each is own.
  11. what? i didnt realize it did so much damage i've done it twice in the last 4 days and i have more i had planned to take them but now i dont know and before this week i had only done it once before like 6 months ago. Should i just take the rest and or sell them and wait like a month or so til i take it again?
  12. i really wouldnt recommend more then 2-3x a year. the people ive known who do it or did it several times a month are, well, etards.
  13. Ask yourself whether thats down to the person or the drug.
  14. ecstacy, ecstacy, weed, weed, weed, weed,ecstacy, she's a girl with a bad habit, a bad habit for drugs. Rolling once a week is acceptable imo for a period no longer than a year.
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