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  1. Is thizzin twice a month to much?
  2. nah man you're good

  3. whats thizzin?
  4. rolling/being high on ecstasy
  5. yeah man I love to roll but I gotta keep it moderated.
    cant afford to be E-tarded
  6. twice a month is just fine, you're good man
  7. alright cool.

    I think im gonna stop for a while though...probably after this next time or the time after that
  8. It takes a month for your brain too completely recover if i remeber correctly.

    your still fine thou.
  9. what a bout 4 times a week with double stacks
  10. hahaha your serotonin receptors must be frrrrrrrrrriedd
  11. Man, its all about that thizzle dance :p

    Nah bro 2 times a month is fine, I was at point where I was doing it every otherday, and sometimes days in a row, when I had my old job, and old connect, not very much anymore cause I dont have the connects I use to after loseing my phone
  12. were you feelin like shit?

    and you thizz dance all the way out in ATL?

  13. no, hes not good. think before you post

    theres alot of theorys on this but twice a month is a little too much

    from my experience is that 4-6 times a year is logical in the long run.

    and try to stay as pure as posoble

    you know im from teh bay ive done a LOT of pills, ill never be the same from them..
  14. around how many pills do you think youve done and over how much time?

    im not looking for an exact count but just approx. amount

  15. I felt like shit alot, and yes I thizz it up all the way out in the atl. A buddy of mine acutally got me into it.
  16. what do you mean think before i post? you are a rare person who can't take two rolls a months. i've honestly never heard of that.
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    dude, i cant count how many times ive pop'd ive been doin it since liek i was 15

    and ive done it form 25 pills in a month to 5 pills a year so i can take two a week...

    imo you need a good 2 months to save your brain not adding that each time you do it you are potentialy affecting your brain

    btw i still get "lammy(thizzlamic)" when the time is right but responably taking major repauctions for me health each time..

    be safe. thizz iz what it make money

    edit; to sycoward- nvm just forget i said that if it makes you happy /noarguments
  18. Yes that's too much. Once every couple months would be best, the longer the break the better.
    Twice a month might be ok as long as you don't keep it up too long and take a decent break after that.
    Brain is something you don't want to mess with too much.

    Pretty sure you're joking, but such thing as double stacks. I'm a nazi about this, I hate the damn term.
  19. ive been doing twice a month for past few months, im sure its not the best for me, but i know im not being an e-tard

    got some friends that do it several times a week, now then its way noticeable
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    yeah I got a friend who got into paying about 60 bucks on pills for a couple weeks and now hes been gettin spaced out and seems 'e-tarded' he gets that 'stupid' smile once in a while when hes just sittin there or in the middle of a convo.

    and to hella chronic. thats hella pills were probably affected by the actual amount you took. I dont think twice a month will mess up a person bad but there may/probably will be some affects.

    after this weekend I prob wont thizz for like two months or till summer

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