Thizzin Chico

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  1. Alright so I popped 1 orange puma that my roomies sellin last saturday and smacked til about 3 or 4. crazy night. EPopT : 6:00 - met up with my homie and his homie. hooked homies homie up with some thizzles and got into some san quinn party for free that my bud was djing at. Missed san quinn but whatever. thizzle kicked in about 20 minutes later after smokn some blunts with some jamaican guys. Ja man had an oz brick of some bomb bub hash, copped 1.5gs for 10 cuz i was persistant as fuck (thizzzzzz) got the bflys and killed 2 40s some 21er grabbed for me. Migrated to the Zoo (chico aptmnts acrss the street) where my bud was kickin it and drinking. Traded some hash for some purps. Thizz danced in the living room to some bay rap for like an hour with 4 or 5 girls visiting from humboldt/redding and shit. Straight grinding with all of em. They put on the strobe light which is always dope on E. Straight twitter vision, nuttier then squirell shit. Definitely could of hooked up with atleast all of the bitches but they were all cruisin downtown. Seriously can't remember how I got downtown but ended up at the SWAT party off 7th n Ivy. Party hosts were chargin 5 by the back alley to get in but I wasn't havin it so I started talking hella shit trying to get everyone to rush the door and push thru in shit but it wasn't going down so I hopped the fence on the other side of the house. Found my homies and got their wristband to get some free driiiinks to keep me going. So i was chattin with some females and one of the house owners or some shit calls me out for talkin shit and escorts me out. Kept seein people I knew so it took a couple minutes. Right as im leaving the entrance right next to me some fool trying to get in got head butted right in the dome straight launchin his wine and shit all over my sleeve and down some fools shirt. Dont even notice it until later but i figured this is where it came from cuz homie headbutter had it all down his shirt. Saw homie Max and chatted in the alley until homie headbutter said fuck it and let us all in again. Chilled here with my roomate, his girl and some friends enjoying the Chico party scene until they ran out of beer. Dont remember the trip again but ened up at 7th and oak right near my house. All the skate crew was there and shit. Attempted carpet skate but wasnt happenin. Keg shows up in like 10 minutes such a legit night. Homie headbutter was there with wine all over his shirt. Had a fun time talking about that party and trying to figure out how we both had wine staining our clothes. Had the hooka going around, smoked some blunts, spilled some beer straight wobblin errrywhere apparently makin everyone crack up. Cheered my girl ericka up who was crying over some bullshit wit her bf. Played an epic game of pong, made last cup and all that shit. Straight bossin shit up. Kegs tapped im drunk and sort of thizzin-- perfect combo. Bounce home a block to find some tweaks blowing my roomates yayo off our counters. Bounced em out the house and snuggled up with my pillow. 4:00 CHICO STATE -- peace.
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    learn how to break your shit up into paragraphs.
  3. What the hell just happened?
  4. extacy done fucked u up!
  5. lol Heroin is so fucking lame bro.:smoking:
  6. Who cares if it's not in a couple separate paragraphs can you guys seriously not understand what he's saying? Sounds like a crazy ass night. I've heard Chico is insane.
  7. wait ur talking about heroin... fuck that shit bro
  8. I think I saw this guy on Intervention.
  9. Dude I'm talking about E, MDMA, exstacy, thizzles, thizzramadams, pillies, slappers... not heroin, although I have snorted and smoked Oatmeal Cookies. Your not my English professor so I'm not gonna break this down into pragraphs bro. Got class. Late

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