Thizzed for the firt time last night !

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  1. Just thought i would share my experience with you guys because it was so fun.

    Alright so around 10:30 PM last night me and my friends are partying and just hanging out smoking some pretty phat bowls. IM insanely high at this point and my friend who is already rolling offers me one of his E Pills (Had a handgun on it dont really know what that means or is called) and ive known this guy for sometime so i was like why the hell not. I wasnt really knowing to expect because i had never thought i would be dropping last night and had hardly researched X at all. I take the pill and about an hour into it i really am starting to feel it and about to peak. It was so nice because ironically the person who was throwing the party and had a strobe light so dancing was fun as hell. As many of you E-tards out there know the high is like nothing else nothing bother you and nothing can make you unhappy it is one of the greatest feelings ive ever obtained off of a drug. The comedown was not really that bad as opposed to what i have heard (I did smoke a bowl during it). Im thinking tonight im gonna get some rolls and do it again it will be fun:smoke:
  2. Sounds like you had a great time man. Glad the comedown wasn't harsh for ya, blazin durin the comedown helps a ton. Hah, I'd probably wait til next weekend til I rolled again if I was you, since you did roll just last night. Next time pop 2 of em :D
  3. You had the Glocks, check out for your region and invest in a test kit. Also, you want to RESEARCH now, so you will know that it is NOT a good idea to do it two nights in a row. You should have at LEAST a month break inbetween each roll. Please read up. At least you got a good roll the first time and not a pipe like most people do.
  4. glad you had a chance to experience the wonders of e. I wouldnt take it two nights in a row either but I know plenty of people who roll every weekend. Not sayin you should too, but just use moderation. I also know somebody who does E every day and hes pretty messed up now. Pop two rolls the next time, and if you think you can handle it, down a third after you peak. The first time I took one roll, thought it was intense, and had a ballin time. The next time I took three, and it was a whole new level of teeth chattering euphoria.
  5. The glocks are some of my favorites. Good first roll i bet:)
  6. Woot im fucking rolling again off 2 of those "Glocks" now i know 2 nights in a row is bad but i had to do it just one last time before the supplies in town wore off. Im gonna go do some dancing with a few friends of mine. Remember good vibes to everbody:hello:
  7. ha. say your bad now, and then say your sorry tomorrow. trust me. you gonna hate yourself..

    basically just imagine your spine like a candy cane. thats what its gonna feel like.
  8. hell yeah man have fun!!

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