Discussion in 'General' started by Bizzoo, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Thizzed earlier tonight and noooow i cant fall asleep.

    Who els is still awake?
  2. I am, but Im gonna head off after I smoke about two more bowls... :)
  3. blah. i wish i had weed, then i could fall asleep. i havent smoked once today
  4. I'm wide awake.
    Waiting for a movie to get done torrent-ing.
    Will be excellent.
    Don't think I'm going to sleep until tomorrow night, actually.
  5. dude your the first person i have ever seen with a purple rep bar.

  6. Interesting, I wish I had some thizz :( The guy I knew for it got raided... He gone for bout 5 years.

    Only other dude I know wants 20 dollars a bean... FUCK that bullshit son, or hell do 10 for 150... Other dude did 10 a peice, and they were good rolls. :( I miss that.

    EDIT: I gave him his purple rep bar because of his giant swastika in another thread.
  7. lol damn that sucks. i get them super cheap. snagged 5 pills for 20. got 3 green naked ladies and 2 red pumas.
  8. Kinda in a zombie state.

    In that awkward situation that I went to sleep at 8:45 (though I was soo tired, I had trouble actually falling asleep). I then woke up at 2:30 this morning.

    It's currently...5 o'clock.

    So I'm tired, but I'm not sleepy...

    But I am baked like a mother fucker.
  9. man, it's 6:54 am and i'm still up. gf is asleep...

    AND it's valentine's day!


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