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  1. I was chillin with my home boy and he decided to buy an ounce he only had 30 and he was all blown and shit when i told him that i'll pitch in 20 for US so we got that ounce and everything and we went to his crib smoked one bowl and then rolled a J and then I had gotten a wrap and we rolled a blunt and we went outside really quick to talk to one of our friends and his mom called him and said if he could get home and help her move in some new furniture so I told him that he could go get his stuff out of my room (his backpack) and I asked him "hey fool I helped you pitched in on that so let me have some shit" and he gave me like a joint worth of bud he was honestly too stoned to even remember that I pitched in. And then I go inside and the blunt that I just rolled wasn't in there!

    Fuckin ass hole.

    Oh yeah:smoking:
  2. an ounce for 50 bucks? must be some brown ass mexiweed.
  3. It is I live in the south side of texas.
  4. well damn bro, you only got a joints worth? just go back tomorrow or something, maybe he will remember then
  5. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Here are all of the periods that you apparently forgot to include in your post. Hope this helps for future reference.

  6. hahahahaha,
    thats the funniest shit ever

  7. idk if id go that far....

  8. No definitely the funniest shit ever. He's absolutely right.

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