This Years Fantasy Football Team [gimme your opinion]

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Broosh, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. well i posted mine last year, and i got good reviews, too bad i only got 4 wins throughout the whole season, LOL.

    this year is a little better, i'm starting 2-0-0 and i had the LAST draft pick [i got fucked]

    heres my team:

    QB: Peyton Manning
    WR: Andre Johnson
    WR: T.O
    WR: Jacoby Jones
    RB: Ronnie Brown
    RB: Jahvid Best [i haven't started him yet, but I will this upcoming week vs. Vikings. he got 15 points week one, and 42 points last week, FOR A ROOKIE]
    TE: Dallas Clark
    K: Mason Crosby
    DEF: changes weekly


    WR: T.J Houshmanzadeh [thinking about dropping soon]
    RB: Brandon Jackson
    RB: Jerome Harrison
    WR: Mohamed Massaquoi
    RB: C.J. Spiller
    WR: Demaryius Thomas
    TE: Dustin Keller

    now you might see that i dont' have a backup QB. the answer is simple: Peyton Manning, Dallas Clark, Jacoby Jones, Andre Johnson all have BYE weeks on week 7, so I can almost guarantee that i'm going to lose week 7 either way, so i'm not even bothering.

    i'm trying to get rid of Jacoby Jones and T.O for better WRs, but it seems to be to no avail. i'm trying to get DeSean Jackson from a buddy of mine.

  2. I usually don't hold a backup QB either. I wait for my bye week to come up and grab the QB with the best mathcup. In one of my leagues I have 4 players with bye week 7 as well (Schaub, Foster, Andre/Calvin Johnson), but I'm gonna try to waiver wire a win that week.

    I like your team, but you do need an upgrade at WR. I would try to get rid of Jackson for one.. Jackson is a RB in a pass heavy offense and there are also rumors of the Packers trying to trade for a RB. He still holds value since he is the unquestioned starter at this point and you should be able to get someone good in return.
  3. perhaps i could throw in Brandon Jackson and someone else in a trade for DeSean Jackson, that is really a possibility. because as i live in WI, people like packers :) and i have Crosby and Jackson aha, and all i initially wanted was at least one player, and Crosby is too solid to let go [lets forget last year aha]

    and i don't know if i should get rid of Jones or T.O. first. because Jones WONT have a breakout game, but he'll steadily get me 5-8 points, as Texans are pretty good @ spreading passes to Johnson, Walter, and Jones. as for T.O, i can't trust him to get me good games. he could get 14 points one game, but then get 3 points the next week.

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