This Wisconsin town stickin' with prohibition.

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  1. While most cities with sense are relaxing their prohibition laws.. Even Dodge County District Attorney's office told local law enforcement last August that it would no longer prosecute first-time adult drug offenders and stand-alone offenses involving marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs.

    I always drive around Beaver Dam as it is.. now what I just read a story that gives me another reason. This.. attorney and her city council is like Custer's last stand with their fines. They are jacking their fines from $1000 to $4000, are trying to ruin and rob the citizens of that town. Great.. lets fine the people in this town a billion dollars and have a few more houses in that town foreclose. Yah.. because fining people MORE worked real well for alcohol prohibition. Not sure if the people of Beaver Dam will stand for that or not, but Its enough to put me in a tirade.
    Here's a quote from her.
    The ultimate goal is to keep young people off these drugs. And if the district attorney isn't going to handle these cases, we felt we needed to make a move and send a strong message."

    I'm very glad cannabis prohibition is a sinking ship.. I Just think its sad these people in power still try and take their noncriminal taxpayers out on their way under. Time to end the 'war on drugs' Ms. Schacht, and not worry about funding your DARE program.
    City to take on marijuana offenses
  2. They don't realize they ruin more young kids' life trying to maintain prohibition.
  3. its all about money
  4. Man, I hope to go to grad school in Wisconsin in a year or two. Hopefully it'll get better in a year or two. Hoping for a snowball effect.

  5. Yep.. I'm sure a lot of the city's budget comes from weed busts, however they are attempting to gouge the citizens before it is no longer allowed. Really.. do the citizens of Beaver Dam have such a problem with their taxpayers smoking too much weed and causing chaos? Just more of an easy target to make a few bucks.
  6. Fuck man id say 6 or 7 dealer i know and other people i get from know went to jai had kids taken and lost them forever because if laws here inkentucky, So fuck the govorment we need to take america back...
  7. This really pisses me off, mainly for the double-standard. You can't charge $8 a gallon for gas after a hurricane runs across the state. It's called price gouging and it's illegal. So how in the fuck is this move not considered price gouging?

    Also, might want to take a closer look at the price tag of almost every single drug that is in "competition" with MMJ. Chances are Big Pharma has racked those prices up over the last decade of legal MMJ dispensaries to try and get as much out of that as they can. It's likely to get FAR worse too as more states allow MMJ. We just don't see those price increases as much because insurance pays part or all of it.

    In both cases, greed and especially corruption "justify" their actions.:mad:
  8. I rarely go to Beaver Dam(about 30 mins from me) and now I know my rarity will be a Idiots
  9. I'm 45 mins west of Madison. I'm not even sure of our laws but I think they're pretty stiff in Iowa Cty.
    I know in Madison you can have like 100 joints worth and it's still a misdemeanor, then in Middleton and Fitchburg you can have like 10 joints worth and still not a felony.

    Love it.
  10. Actually in Madison weed is completely decriminalized, but it's only a citywide ordinance. It is perfectly legal to have up to an oz of marijuana in your private dwellings. It's just that if the cop chose to be an asshole, he could submit to county authority, state authority, or federal authority. But Madison was one of the FIRST cities to actually totally decriminalize it. The only "real" penalty is if you are caught with it out on the streets, otherwise it is legal to have it in your residence. Again, only a city wide residence though, and if the authorities so chose they could submit it up to county/state/federal.

    And for the record, Elm Grove (for those of you who know the area) also has decriminalized it as well. First punishment there is just an ordinance violation if they so choose.

  11. interesting. I didnt know Madison had a city ordinance for it! :smoking:
  12. The beurocrats of Beaver Dam continue to fine their citizens to death. Lets add some more fines shall we? Lets ban smoking citywide!!! I dont smoke cigs, but its sounds another reason to drive around that town.
    Smoking ordinance tops agenda Monday

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