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  1. So, I use my closet in the office room to grow (legal mmj for those that dont know). Well I'm just starting and lined the walls with reflective material. Little did I know that it also reflects my wifi signal! Since the router, etc. is all in the office and the dividing wall to the living room is the back of said closet, I get crap for signal here. Way better in bathroom and other bedroom. Cant stream shit now.... Damnit. Have to either run super long ethernet cables or buy wifi repeater.... Double damnit. Why didnt anyone tell me? Well now I'm telling you, foil reflects wifi.
  2. Haha duh?

    People make foil 'things' to strengthen wifi, like satelite?
  3. Foil only has about a 5% light reflectivity rating my friend.

    You would be way better off with Mylar or something rated at 25%+ and it also wouldn't block your signal ;)

    Foil is almost ineffective entirely.

  4. Yeah I'm picking a mylar roll up next week. Thought this would be better then plain white walls. Stupid question maybe, would mirrors work best? Because those door hanger full length mirrors are pretty cheap but dont know if worth the extra cash for negligable results.
  5. Mirrors steal light man.
    Go with Mylar I went from white walls to Mylar and plants love it like a sun coming from every angle :)

  6. :eek: yes sir, I was pointing out my dumb ass idea lol...
    Its one of those embarassing moments when you realize duh :)

    I just wanted others to get a chuckle at my expense, I know I did.
    Want the icing?

    I figured it out AFTER I called out the cable company... Who sent a guy out.
    Our router was a bit outdated to handle all the network anyway (like 10 years old lol).
    Anywho, he has this nifty scanner that can read signal strengths. As he walked back and forth from the 2 rooms, he noticed that the wall was taking a hugw chunk of signal out.
    So he asks if we have any big metal objects in our office closet lol...

    I smacked my head literally...

    I say I'm an mmj patient and show him my card and then open the glowing closet lol...

    Without missing a beat, he says all you need is a repeater like I have at my house and gives me his cell number if I need help setting it up.

    Guy was hella cool but I'm sure he was laughing all the way to his next job.
    Sometimes bonehead ideas are funny.

  7. Which is why I assume you see mylar in most big grows and not mirrors, huh?

    Some day I will look back and say, I remember my first cheap setup lol!
    Until then I enjoy learning and laughing at my mistakes.
  8. Why can't you just strategically place more of the reflective material in rebound position's too catch the signal and redirect it the direction of your computer area?

  9. Maybe I could just line all the walks in it lol.... Jk, thats not a bad idea actually but would look funny.

    Seriously I would but the signal does great even into the bedroom and kitchen so reflective "panels" would have to be in odd places lol. I'm just going to mylar and get a repeater if needed, its just a small 2 bedroom apartment.

    Guess I was foiled.... *rimshot* lol:smoke:

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