this will make you cry

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Oregongrown, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. I've had these growing for awhile and just days from being done ,and then WAAM someone breaks in and steals them all. Man a guy could just cry.

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  2. man i feel your pain, i had my grow stolen from me this year. it was outdoor though, it was stolen the day before it was to be harvested. no suspects that i could confront or even nose around for.
  3. YAHHHHHHHHH im an oregonian too but i dont grow bc of the parents :/
  4. I feel your pain man. If you find out who it was, kick those fuckers' asses. That is one thing I would never EVER EEEEVER do.. Steal someones plant. The amount of time, work, and pride someone puts into their mairjuana grows are priceless.

  5. Aw dude that SUCKS, I feel for ya :-(
  6. i hope u didnt call the cops
  7. That would mean war in my book...someone stole your plant from inside your house? That's an entirely different story than if you lost them to someone who was just hoppin' down the bunny trail if you know what I mean.
  8. Too bad you can't report it to the police. Not like they'd do anything anyway if it were legal to grow plants.

    Sorry to hear about your plants though. I hope you find out who stole them.
  9. man, that really sucks. I feel for ya.
  10. that's pretty fucking bullshit. but on teh flip side you're in oregon, and someone else on here said they're in oregon, that's pretty rad, becasue i am soon, if any oregonian blades ever wanna chill and blaze send me a private message.
  11. Now why would you want to beat someone bloody it wont get the plants back all it would do is get you introuble when they tell the cops you beatem up for nothing.

    too bad about the plants maby next time you will be more prepared like booby traps n stuff
  12. yeah oregon rules theres some dank buds up here haha but im still in highschool so as soon as i grad ill give a u private message altho i am getting a car soon so we could chill probly ahhaha that'd be rad keep in touch my aim name is DANK170
  13. them are sum really good plants!!!

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