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This will make u hate the government more that ever

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 4uis20bomb, May 3, 2002.

  1. I Recently posted a thread trashing the government and one of the people who replied to me told me to research even deeper and i will discover that the government is far worse than I or most people think it is. so i did and i found this article. THIS IS A LONG ARTICLE BUT IT IS VERY VALUBAL INFORMATION AND I SUGGEST EVERY ONE READS IT. heres the url:
  2. all i got to say is wow...i knew our govt was meessed up alot close to that but not like what that article said. how can people be so stupid.
  3. sounds like we got another patriot
  4. I saw something about this on the History channel about a year ago. They had a week long special on drugs. One night was marijuana and they talked about this. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I just can't believe the things our government does. Makes me so pissed off.
  5. I remember all this info, I know, it's angering, but like NdicaBud said, it's only one grain in the beach of the government's secrets.
    Dirty, dirty public officials. Tsk tsk!
    (I'm trying not to get too mad, or I'll inundate you with supa~strength long posts that you won't read :D)

    Keep on reading, the more information for your head the better ~ knowledge is not only power, but motivation to change things and stand up to make a difference!

  6. I actually read that whole thing and thats pretty amazing I think though marijuana and hemp are going to be major topics in the next pres election and people will demand that they be legalized its a long time away though
  7. Ya, I think that keepsmokin could be right about the next election, but it has been a topic for many years, but this year with all the support that norml has got I think that it will have a major effect on the election, but ya never know if Bush gets re-elected (he's from Texas!) he might do something good for the weed lobyists. later~

  8. [​IMG]

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  9. I didn't even read the article, and I'm sure it has a lot of interesting and useful information, but how reliable are the facts?

    I mean, I've never even heard of the author, and you guys are eating the bullshit right out of his mouth.

    Where did he get the info he presented?

    I think the only way to undertstand the truth about our government is to experience it for yourself..

    One love - kn0d
  10. WE HAVE NO GOVERNMENT...we are ruled by BIG BUSINESS. Why spend all your time trying to legalize weed? It's not going to happen. Not until we have a government for the people, and by the people.

  11. i can't believe you people. you are turning on the same government that has made you what you are. you sit here and act so independent but in reality without the government we are all nothing. imagine yourself under the reign of hitler, or stalin. people always find something to complain about. America has given you the opportunity to make a name for yourself, the opportunity to raise and support a healthy family. You people throw it back in the government's face because some self righteous wanna-be journalist compiles fragments of an entire story to favor his own sick pleasures (constant marijuana use). next time you make a post agianst your own homeland in disgust, think about what it would be like to live in a starving third world country, then think about who you are and who you have to think for it, your hard working ancestors and your government.

  12. Accually like ani difranco says, take away our playstations and we are a third world nation. This country was founded on the idea that we the people can not rule ourselves and we need an elite class to rule. Why do you think we still have electorial colleges instead of direct elections? 90% of the income earned in america goto around 5% of the population, while the rest is spread among the 95%... It puts things into prespective now doesnt it?

    Justme is right saying that we have no government, as of right now we are ruled by big corporate companies, and the worst part is we don't have a say or control in these companies! The CEO's and Presidents are appointed, not elected, and once you step onto the property of the company you leave all your civil rights at the door. The company can moniter your phone calls, emails, history, tell you what to wear, what you can and can not say. and BS like that...

  13. I'm sorry, but that's totally insane to me. This government is not one I elected into power. None of us did.
    My parents working their asses off for absolutely nothing but survival...then finding out when they retire that none of their retirement money is there...that isn't a democracy. It's CAPITALISM. It probably has many worse names than capitalism. Maybe, it's similar to feudal times? Where there was a king, serfs, peasants, etc? But, we do not live in a democracy! Democracy is a government for the people and by the people. The people that are running this country now have no concerns about any of the people that live in the US. They care only about how much money they can make.
    What is happening to our country is very upsetting to me. It has been for quite some time. I think it's ignorance that allows this type of government to flourish.
    Read my bottom says alot to me...


  14. Exactly! I totally agree! Its sad that the government has been able to work its way into peoples minds and basically brain washed them, telling them how to think by wrapping dirty propaganda in little pretty packages of freedom forever and patriotism...
  15. Then what was the prupose of the post prior to this? I mean this is not a government that cares about you...or your welfare. It used to be...then you could make a living, raise your children, and live your life like your parents did (or better). But, all that is no longer in existence. It's not only terorism that you need to worry's everything.

  16. i understand my post may have come off a little harsh. But you are taking so much for granted when you put down the united states. You complain this government isnt for the people? Go to Ecquador and look at starving children who dont have houses or food to eat at night, then thank god every night of your life you were born here.Those children have something to be upset about, born into extreme poverty,misery, and oppression. If you didn't have the freedom of speach you wouldnt be posting here. By the way- if the government was run absolutely by the people next thing you know the true hardworking people in america who study their whole lifes and work their asses off like doctors would be taxed 90% so everyone else can have a good time. We have congress for a reason and that is it people, you elect people to represent you, and if you don't like the people running, run yourself(good luck, you probably are no where near enough qualified to run a country). this is the only country in the world where you aren't held back and no matter who you are you can make something with your life.
  17. oh and if this isnt a government about the welfare or the good of the people why is my family taxed for half of what we earn just so i can see it given to low class drug addicts who spend it on alchohol and crack? and we never even get a thankyou, why are those people angry? they are the one sucking money off the people who worked hard to establish a wealthy lifestyle for themselves

  18. they dont make us we make us dont be one of the masses who do exactly as the gov't says, question them, your the one that put them where they are
  19. whats wrong with them being where they are? dont be so self righteous guys, sit back and just enjoy the fact that you have the opportunity to get a job and make money to buy the weed. and i dont do exactly what the government says, why else would i be smoking weed? just think about what you have to be thankful for in this country,i'm sure ive read 100s more anti-patriot articles than all of you put together, but i realise the cause of the US. even if it isnt always right its always for the best of everyone. ill be the first to admit the us is quite shady with the way they act and hide some things from the public but its when compared to other countries, it is one hell of a place to be. dont defy something thats a part of you, accept it and embrace it, learn to enjoy life for what it is without things like "i hate my country" or "our government is horrible" slowing you down. look at the good things, i promise you there have been at least 1000 efforts for good for every 1 sinister or shady act made by the united states. go to china and talk like this openly about your country, and wake up in the morning being tortured by electro-shock machines. just realize this country is a hell of a country even though its not perfect.

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