this will geek u out

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  2. So...I cashed out at about the :05 mark.
    Did a dragon eat her at the end? :cool:
  3. no just go to 1:48 and look at the guy lol don't watch the whole thing
  4. Look, man...Clearly what you are asking here is impossible.
    Can't you just tell me? :cool:
  5. omg lol idk how
    anyways theres just this guy who is like 40 with all these like 20 year olds and he just looks really creepy/funny with a huge smile and is just dancing like crazy when everyone else is just sitting there like just bobbing and shit a little
  6. Bottom middle right guy? What?
  7. Man I think you've been geeking out too much if your posting shit like this at 1:00 in the morning
  8. I watched till :35 but started to cringe badly.  why you watching this bro?
  9. OP i dont get whats so funny
  10. Guys go to 1:49 in the video lol like scroll over to 1:49 thats what is funny look at the bottom middle right guy
  11. op is fucking high, thats whats going on
  12. oh my god, just go to 1:50 and watch for the dude with a weird ass grin shaking his head around like a retard. So dumb it's actually kinda funny lol.
  13. Laughed my ass off

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  14. Why were you watching this video in the first place?
  15. Just came upstairs from pounding white Russians, I think my sides actually split, that middle guy is fucking hilarious.

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