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  1. Hey, I am from Texas doin this for the first time. After a while of buying weed I guess you get curious enough to know how its actually produced lol and it will save ME some money:)
    Anyhow I planted one seed in potting soil and I was able to see it above the soil in about 4 days, it is now showing its first pair of leaves. I have another which was started between wet papertowels and enclosed between two saucer plates, its also in soil now showing its first pair of leaves. I have two other seeds that I am trying to germinate in between the saucers. All in all i am trying to grow four plants. One seedling had a reddish purple tone under its first pair of "real" leaves but thats gone now. I cant wait to see how this turns out!! Ill keep you guys updated (with pics of course heheh)
  2. This is one of my seedlings which are just a few days old...

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  3. And this is another the rest are invisible to the world heheheh anyhow they need to grow faster:).......I know these arent much but they are just babies right now

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  4.'re a parent! That soil looks like clay, or am I mistaken and it's just redish peat moss? You might want to add some sand or vermiculite and perlite to that soil if it's too hard..keep us updated.
  5. Well I have some good news slash bad news. The bad news is that my stupid dog got to one of my seedlings and he did not rip it in half but he made me stem bend a little (not enough to make it fall all the way down) I just put it back to its original stance by piling up a little dirt around it. Yje good news is that it did not break in half but it being so little I dunno if it can take such a beating, they are both starting to show their second pair of leaves comming through....
    So what do you guys think, Think it will be okay?
  6. Sure, mj can withstand a little abuse..that's why they call it weed.
  7. LMAO, see I didnt knooooow that!
    Well It just kinda worried me cause its my fastest growing one! But I think your right because any other seed wouldve withered and died (from my experience)
    Pretty awesome though, they are now producing a new set of leaves. I put them outside in the sun for a while this afternoon there can be no harm in natural light, am i right u guys? Anyway man these things grow hella fast I guess thats why they call it weed HHAHA. Ill post some pics when the new leaves become alot more visiable


    []D [] []V[] []D [] []\[] (PIMPIN')
  8. Look up "supercropping", a technique where stems are twisted and bent, causing the plant to heal and grow stonger stems. if your plant does survive it it'll be stronger for the experience somewhat.

  9. there is a thing called LST where they purposely bend the plant to grow bushier and grow better go to and then grow disccussion then go to LST (low stress training) and sog and u can learn alot
  10. i was wondering why and what they were doin with the clothes hanger tips lol. Whoa and it actually works too those plants becomes super bushy. Yea ive read about it already a little. I think my plants a to little though hmmmmmm
    but thanx for the info guys! can never know enough stuff hehehe. Has it worked for u?
  11. When my plant was a seedling i bent and twisted the stems and now thw stems are hella strong. I tried FIM topping techniwue and it looks like at least 4 new grow tips and the whole plant bushed out nice.
  12. hmmmmmm, ill try it but im sure id probably kill it i should read some more seeing as how this is my first time doing this. My plants are comming along nicely id hate to ruin them knowing im sooo accident prone hahah but ill take it from experienced growers and do it step by step. Another thing....what does it mean when people say "I put it into 12/12" is that like a time measurement or somthin and what does this mean "13-13-25" I gather these are weed terms but i am in the dark haha. So i can just get the end of a clothes hanger and tie it down and it will grow bushier? Does it slow growth?
    ......i wonder why this makes it bushier
    thanx guys!
  13. what is a FIM topping technique?
    Man I bet you guys have been growing for a while heheh
  14. I just heard if FIM myself, an acronym for Fuck I Missed and what it means is that instead of topping under the top growth you cut the top growth in half and some say you can get 6 tips that way.

    I'm acutally on my first grow that have survived past seedling, under 200 watts of flouros.

    then numbers are the amounts of diffrent nutrients in ferts. Check the link in sidious' sig i think it's
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    i was wondering why and what they were doin with the clothes hanger tips lol. Whoa and it actually works too those plants becomes super bushy. Yea ive read about it already a little. I think my plants a to little though hmmmmmm
    but thanx for the info guys! can never know enough stuff hehehe. Has it worked for u?

    Well im going to try it this grow right now mine are to small right now too (3rd and 4th leafs are coming out and will probably die to cold) well i have several and i was going to try o ya FIM and all those an experience grower says is not that great and dont really work if u go to and go to the place he shows how to do the LSD technigue and also give good explanations why not to do the other things but keep posting Drucias!
  16. yeeey posting is fun well so much for holding out on smokin weed so i could stay clean to get a job hahah this is really bad but i can wait until May 9th but that dime sac was callin my name lol. The one plant that had a broken stem is doing just fine and thanx for all the info guys. I know that indicas usually have larger leaves and thats what these plants look like. Also I think putting them outside in the real light helps alot. Ill post some pics this afternoon!
  17. Lets see how ya plants r doin now dude.
  18. Awh hell I didnt think anyone was interested in my posts, thnx guy:)
    Well things are good and then not so.
    On of my plants stems withered at mid length making the whole seedling topple over so im trying to pile dirt up around it to support it. I know I wont have it much longer so I am germinating another one. As for the seedling whose stem was mortally wounded by my damn dog Tobey..heheh.....its doing just fine man you guys this one is a fighter. I piled dirt up around it too (for support) and it came right back! Only thing is that the stem in not straight anymore its more of a slight "S" bent shape. I guess from the minimal breakage about a week ago. Anyhow both are making a new pair of leaves but the seedling that is in bad condition has stopped growing its leaves:( While the other is goin strong. I can measure this because they germinated the same day and have been growing at the same rate until the stem withering.
    Anyhow the recoverd seedling is just about through with its 2nd pair of leaves and it looks to be branching off under the 2nd pair of leaves i can already see a little stem and two leaves (very tiny). At first i thought the seedling was branching off because the 3rd pair of new leaves are emerging and I thought they were dead due to the yellow goldish tint that they have but now that they are still comming up and looking more than ever alive I guess its just tryin to get a lil bigger.....what do you guys think? I mean this seedlings first pair of leaves were slightly tinted purple then turned green now yellow-gold? hmmmmm....almost like it fell through a rainbow hahah
    Anyhow I planted two more seedlings in two more pots that I bought but they arent worth takin pics of yet hehehe. So I will show you guys my cracked out seedling who will probably be gone this time next week:( And the other....
    It seems to be struggling and stressing alot anyway, even right from the sad Ill probably just press it in my plant book hehhehe. Oh and my next door neighbor (Joe) Asked my mom if he could put his weed plants on our porch and my mom is like HELL NO! HAHAH But then he saw my seedlings out in the sun last weekend when he went to the backyard and was like "HELL YOU SAY I CANT KEEP MY SHIT ON YOUR PORCH BUT YOUR GROWIN IT IN THE BACKYARD!" Well thing is that its mine not hers hahah and he offered to help me with it saying "Man I could help you grow some awesome shit!" and he offered to give me some bat shit to fert. my plants! But I dont want my room smelling like bat shit hahah. Anyhow here are my pics, and note I dont use any lights or anything what soever (for various reasons) you be the judge but they are growing so damn fast!
    Im not some hard-up weed grower I am sure it will grow without lights I mean they do without in nature. Floros and Lumes dont just pop up when a weed seed germinates hahah wouldnt that be THE weirdest though? Okay nuff said time for pics...
  19. someone needs the phone ill post pics in about 30 minutes to an hour

    BE BACK SOON*******!!
  20. these are the pics of my well to do plant.....

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