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  1. So usually I get my weed from this guy and its the same strain he gives me. I'm pretty sure its an indica dominant or indica strain and I love that.

    So after I roll a joint, before I light it I always take a drag, like pull air through and it tastes so good and smooth.

    I got this new weed from another dude. He says its like just dried and sativa.

    It does not taste good when I inhale without lighting it, but I thought OK maybe just because it's sativa.

    But then it's damper feeling than my normal guy, like more of a rolling tobacco feel. When I cut it it gummed up my little scissors. And it burns really bad. Doesn't stay lit. Its still smooth when smoked and has a weird aftertaste that's not all that bad.

    I can tell it's weed but the guy was seeming really pleased with it like it was really good. And it doesn't look terrible, like the other weed I get doesn't look any better (to my eye).

    I smoked it and just got a headache and a bit of a head buzz. Not really a high feeling.

    So do you guys think this is bad weed or not dried right or what?

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  2. Probably not dried and,cured correctly, also, sounds like alot,of chemical fertilizers were not flushed from the plant during the last week of flowering, whoever grew it, from the way u say how smug he was about it, he may have grown it himself
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    I fuckd up a plant with Bush Load one time. (Read the instructions!!!!!) Came out looking nice, tons of crystals, sticky, but no smell, shitty taste ,burned like hell and gave u a headache(and probably cancer) lol
  4. Probably a combination of Not Flushing, improperly drying and more than likely wasn't cured at all, just half assed hung out to dry then bagged up and sold to you
  5. Haha smug is a good word, and ya this guy did grow it himself, lol. So this might be why he was selling me it so cheap. My other guy is out so I'm screwed :p

    Man such a waste of weed I got like 5 grams. I shoulda known from the smell. It smells weird.
  6. Just smoke it..looks like there's alot of leaf on it, which can affect the taste.
  7. Make edibles from his weed. Best option for lower quality weed.
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    I managed to get a little high off it. To be honest i might just have carbon monoxide from that much smoke. But shit. Maybe I'll do edibles like the dude says. :S

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