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this weeks retirement nug pics(widow)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dagobaker, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. ok a few pics.........having a problem getting the whole bud in focus.......i use macro and auto settings........maybe i need to tweak it.....dont know if i should be changing the iso settings or noob

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  2. correctly macro'd or not, looks dank as hell

    enjoy :smoking:
  3. i dont know how to change the depth of field on my nikon 40d
    few more shots

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  4. not bad macros. I always remembered your the guy that grew the white widow and sold it to some chick at his office or somethin? well anywho good shit dog.
  5. Dude you did pretty damn good on the pics for a self proclaimed noob. And that widow just looks delicious man. Good shit.
  6. Damn thats some sweet lookin fire...
  7. word man, thats some funkkk
  8. Nice nugs, I'm trying to pick up some chron that a friend's sister might know a guy with.

    dagobaker, where did your name come from?

    It seems like a conjunction of Dagobah (from Star Wars) and Baker.

    I'm probably reading way too much into it.
  9. dago......italian
    baker.....pastry chef for 20 years still learning my photography
  10. The only time I've ever heard the word "dago" was on Saturday Night Live.

    Sean Connery: "...with your dago mustache and your greasy hair."
    Alex Trebek: "What'd I say about ethnic slurs?"

    Something like that at least.

    On topic though, the pictures are nice, bud's dank, but try to get it in focus a little more next time.
  11. gotta love that ohio dank enjoy that brother im sure you will
  12. The macros look fine to me. And the bud simply looks amazing
  13. #13 kush<>~, Feb 21, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2009
    Good looking bud.

    The iso settings go from 200 - 1600. The brighter the surrounding light, the lower the number should be.

    The (DOF) or depth of field is called the aperture. f/1.4 - ..... Im not sure what the kit lens the d40 comes with, maybe 18-55mm (f/3.5 - 6.5)?? Anyways the lower the number the more open the glass (lens) would be and you will have more depth. When playing around with your settings change the WB and just set your dial to A or "Aperture Priority".

    For God sakes, READ YOUR MANUAL!
  14. i have too many grow rooms to take care of to read lol :)
  15. Sounds like excuses to me lol. I too have plenty of things to take care of all day, including a career, and still find time to research something. I also used to grow many plants in college and know how much time it takes up.

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