This Week in History 9/26/03

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  1. This Week in History 9/26/03

    Every Year: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issues its annual Uniform Crime Report (UCR), which provides drug offender arrest totals for the previous year. Nearly seven out of every eight arrests for marijuana continue to be for possession of the drug.

    October 1, 1998: National news is made when the increased funding of prisons (largely driven by warehousing drug offenders) and decreased spending for schools prompts massive protests by California high school students.

    October 2, 1982: Ronald Reagan, in a radio address to the nation on federal drug policy, concluded, "we're making no excuses for drugs -- hard, soft, or otherwise. Drugs are bad, and we're going after them. As I've said before, we've taken down the surrender flag and run up the battle flag. And we're going to win the war on drugs." That was about 20 years and half a trillion ($500,000,000,000) dollars ago.

    And one from last week in history:

    September 21, 1969: In an attempt to reduce marijuana smuggling from Mexico, the Customs Department, under Commissioner Myles Ambrose, subjects every vehicle crossing the Mexican border to a three-minute inspection. The operation lasts only two weeks and wreaks economic havoc on both sides of the border. Mexico agrees to more aggressively attack marijuana trade, but the operation doesn't seriously impact the flow of marijuana into the US.
  2. it just goes to show...

    you cant change the existance of cannabis.
    but you can change the existance of laws against cannabis.

    same goes for all drugs and drug laws, but cannabis especially.

  3. The sad thing is...
    With all the drugs out there...
    Over half of that was spent on fighting just marijuana...
  4. In time, North America will have Thailand influence. But recently, Canada's been doing our own thing and that's pretty cool. I'd love to live in a Europe-style country and stay in Canada but the US is always on our case. I reallllly hope US citizens elect a better government soon because they're starting to get on my nerves. All this pressure and stuff. The next prime minister for Canada will be Paul Martin and I don't trust that guy.

    To all Americans: please please please don't let Bush control your lives!! Don't forget to vote next election, please!!

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