This Was Recorded in 2008

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  1. Christiane Amanpour knew where Bin Laden was way back in October of '08, and said so live on the Bill Maher show. Be sure to check out the comments left under the video. Check out the people calling them idiots. Who's laughing now?
    [ame=]YouTube - Amanpour 2008: Osama in a comfortable villa in Pakistan (hi-res)[/ame]
  2. Interesting.
  3. It's more than interesting, I think. I find it hard to believe that a journalist can get that kind of intel from a "friend", yet it escapes those who are suppose to be tracking Bin Laden's every move. I'm not one of those conspiracy theory nuts, but things like this make me pause and wonder how much they knew, and for how long, and why something wasn't done sooner. How could C. Amanpour know where a seven foot tall Muslim was hiding in plain sight, but the White House didn't?

    Anyone who didn't catch the Bill Maher show last night should try to watch it. It was very enlightening, to say the least.
  4. Hmmmm....odd.

    She did say "I talked to someone very knowledgeable". Anyone know who that was?
  5. yeah and the retards on the show laughed it off and talked about sarah palin..
  6. I know!! When did the line between simple distraction and complete idiocy blur?
  7. she must have gone back in time to tell herself that the conspiracy was going to take place in a villa in pakistan
  8. So she claims to know his location?

    Ok... not buying it.
  9. Did you listen to her description of where he supposedly was?
  10. She didn't just claim to know where Bin Laden was. She clearly said he was not in a cave in Afghanistan, but that he was in a villa in Pakistan. Said this three years ago! That's pretty significant right now, imo. If I were Obama, I would want to know where Christiane got her intel. I would also want to know how much of that did the Bush Administration know, if anything, and what they said or did about it, again, if anything.
  11. Honestly I think the chances of making a guess is much more likely. Even if she has a very knowledged source I highly doubt she would have the slightest clue to the exact location but more so just an idea.
  12. I think she was just guessing.
    A broken clock is right twice a day.
  13. Ron Paul beat her by 5 years.

    [ame=]YouTube - Ron Paul predicted Osama's whereabouts in 2003!![/ame]

  14. Lots of people were claiming he was in Pakistan instead of Afghanistan, not just Ron Paul. C. Amanpour narrowed it down to a "nice comfortable villa" in Pakistan, whereas most others were simply speculating he was hiding in caves and what not. I can't help but to think that the Bush Administration just wanted everyone to believe Bin Laden was living in squalor for their own satisfaction and ego.

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